Bedienungsanleitung Vita-Mix 120 VAC Models - (2023)

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Owner’s Manual
Read And Save These Instructions
Touch and Go
Blending Station
High Performance Commercial Blender
120 VAC Models

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IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS 1. Read all instructions. 2. To protect against risk of electrical shock, do not put motor base in water or other liquid. 3. Close adult supervision is necessary when appliance is used by or near children. TM 4. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet when the Touch and Go ® Blending Station is not in use, before putting on or taking off parts, and before cleaning other than washing the container. 5. Never contact moving parts. 6. Do not operate any appliance with a dama

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14. WARNING: When processing hot liquids: • The 2-part latching lid must be securely in place. This allows steam to escape naturally, and will prevent the lid from coming off when the machine is turned on. • Use caution with hot liquids. Spraying from under the lid plug can occur, or escaping steam may cause scalding. • Do not process hot liquids with the non-latching lid. 15. Display window area will scratch when contacted with a scouring pad or sharp object. Use a soft cloth to wipe the contro

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ontrol Panel C Display Window Speed Control Start/Stop Six Factory Pre-Set Owner Controls High/Low Pulse Programs TM ® Touch and Go Blending Station ON/OFF switch - Located on the side of the Motor Base the ON/OFF switch controls the power to the machine. With the machine plugged in, switch the machine to ON to ready the machine for blending. START/STOP button - Pressing START/STOP once starts and runs the machine and turns the blades. Press the START/STOP button again to stop the machine and t

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Due to the difference of recipes, your results may vary. See page 6 for information on Custom Programming these six buttons. DISPLAY WINDOW - This area depending on what button is pressed, displays a variety of operation messages. A ‘Ready’ READY message appears when there is power to the machine. OWNER CONTROLS - A control panel accessible by pressing the Vita-Mix logo. • Press once to reveal the mode message. Press button MODE 1 then 6 within five seconds to continue. Once the correct code i

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ustom Programming C TM ® The Touch and Go Blending Station advanced electronic control can be custom programmed, requiring an optional programming chip, available from Vita-Mix for a nominal fee and with a minimum unit purchase. Contact your Vita-Mix representative for more information . Programming your Touch and Go Blending Station PRE-SET buttons 1. Insert the custom programmed chip with the words, “THIS SIDE FACING TO THE FRONT OF THE MACHINE” toward you, into the port located below the la

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4. Within 10 seconds the SIX PRE-SET buttons will be re-programmed and the DISPLAY WINDOW will read ‘Saved’ then ‘Ready’. If nothing happens when the programming chip is fully inserted, turn the chip in the opposite direction and try again. 3. Remove the programming chip and return it to the original package. 5. Press one of the six PRE-SET buttons to reveal, in the DISPLAY WINDOW, the name of the program/drink. 6. Carefully place the Blending Station motor back into the hole in the counter.

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id Assembly L Two-part Lid 48 oz. polycarbonate container The two part lid is easy to clean and easy to put on, take off & seal. • To remove fully latched lid, squeeze tabs together on both sides of the container, pull upward and off. Figure A • Twist the center lid plug to fasten or remove. NOTE: To make new lids easier to insert and remove, rub a light coating of cooking oil around bottom where it seals. Place it in container for several minutes, remove and lightly wipe oil off lid. Two-part

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n-Counter Installation I Preparing the counter area: • Before cutting holes, make sure that there is adequate clearance under the counter for the motor. The motor will extend about 5-2/3" (14.4 cm) below the counter but it is best to allow at least 10" from the under-counter to shelves or any other equipment under the counter. Also, when using the removable cover design, the back of the hole must be at least 6” (15.2 cm) from any wall to allow for cover door clearance. • An extra 6.5” (16.5 cm)

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n-Counter Gasket I Gasket Installation Instructions: 1. Follow the instructions on page 10 on preparing the counter area for TM ® the installation of your In-Counter Touch and Go Blending Station. Also, use the Template Sheet (provided in your machine’s original package) to assist you in the placement and ventilation of your machine. 2. Peel off the white paper on the back of the black In-Counter Gasket Foam Pad to reveal the adhesive backing. 3. Place adhesive side down onto the counter bein

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lending Tips B 1. If your recipe freezes up, try reducing the amount of ice. Compared to other blenders, you do not need as much ice to make an equally TM ® frozen drink in a Touch and Go Blending Station. 2. Place liquids and soft foods in your container first. Hard items and ice should be placed last. 3. Whole, hard or frozen ingredients should be small. Solid frozen fruit is extremely difficult to blend. For best results use semi-frozen fruit. Using same size batches of semi-frozen fruit an

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nstructions I ® How to operate your Blending Station using the six Pre-Set Programmed Buttons. The following is the basic factory settings of the six PRE-SET buttons (your machines PRE-SET buttons may differ due to program revisions or if your Blending Station was programmed specifically for your business). • Button 1: (:15) Blends thin drinks with just juice and ice. This program will quickly ramp to a high blending speed for 15 seconds. • Button 2: (:20) Blends light coffee drinks. Button 2

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4. Select desired programmed setting by pressing any of the Pre-Set Buttons one through six. The machine will begin immediately to cycle through the selected program, and turn off when the program is complete. Each button has a different pre-selected combination of speed and length for blending. NOTE: If you detect a change in the sound of the machine or if a hard or foreign object comes into contact with the blades, do not serve the drink. Inspect your blade assembly for loose, knicked or mis

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nstructions I CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 1. Follow steps one through three of ‘How To Operate Your Blending Station Using The Six Pre-Set Programmed Buttons’ section on page 14. 2. The speed of the motor can be changed with: • the motor off. • the motor on. – Press the or buttons – With the container in place press until the desired speed the START/STOP button. The percentage is displayed. machine will begin blending. 100% is the highest setting – While the machine is running and 7% is the lowes

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lade Agitator Assembly B Blade Agitator Assembly. Use caution when handling the blade; it is sharp. When inserting the blade assembly through the container bottom, grip the blades with a soft cloth, align the flat sides of the blade assembly with the flat sides of the container. Place the retainer nut back on the inserted blade assembly and tighten clockwise. Do not force. Do not attempt to disassemble blade assembly. Drive Spline. Mates with drive socket on the motor base to turn the blade. NO

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arts List P Item# Part #752 64 oz. - Container without lid assembly or blade assembly #755 64 oz. - Lid plug #756 64 oz. - Container, blade assembly & lid assembly #1191 64 oz. - 2-piece lid assembly #1192 64 oz. - Lid only (no plug) PLS145 64 oz. - 1-piece non-latching rubber lid #1159 48 oz. - lid plug #15502 48 oz. - Container only #15506 48 oz. - Container, blade & lid assembly #15507 48 oz. - 2-piece lid assembly #18002 Back cover and cover door with removable hinge design #18003 Cover do

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#1159 #755 #15507 #1191 #1192 #15506 #15502 (container without #752 blade or lid) #756 #1151 PLS145 #836 #802 #791 #1222 #18003 #18004 KIT107 RBB161 #18002 19

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are and Cleaning C Care Note To ensure that you get the longest possible life from your Vita-Mix product, we recommend the following products, when used as directed by the supplier: Cleaning Product Supplier Solid Supra, Solid Power, . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ecolab, Inc. Guardian Acclaim, Solid Guardian Plus, St. Paul, MN Solid Super Impact, Solid Insure Tel: (800) 352-5326 Diverpak . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diversey Eclipse H2 Livonia, MI Li

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