Chapter Three - An Assassin`s Lament (2022)

Chapter Three

The night was growing cold when Pah`Dak and his new slave stopped in the forest. They had walked for 5 pasangs, the kajira finding it difficult to travel thru the gnarly brush with her feet as soft as they were from her time in the Inn.

Pah`Dak took pity on her the last pasang and carried her in his arms; it was not entirely an unpleasant experience, for the scent of her invigorated him, and he remembered as her breasts bounced with each step how long it had been since he had laid with a woman.

Finding a small gathering of boulders in a clearing, he set her on her feet and ordered to gather up kindling for a fire. He pulled a large dead log over and set it in the center of the clearing, and used his fire-starter on the kindling that belwren piled on and beside it. After a few moments, he sat back in front of a cozy fire, on the furs that belwren` had pulled out of the pack she had been carrying.

"Paga, Master?" she whispered. He nodded, and she pulled out a bota, set it beside the fire to warm, and polished a goblet from the pack with her silks. After a few ahn she uncorked the bota, poured the warm fiery liquid into the goblet and knelt before him, thighs opened wide, shoulders back, her breasts thrust forward, straining against the silks. She rubbed the goblet against her moistness, lifted it to her lips, kissed the rim, and then held it up, her head held high but her eyes downcast.

"Master, may this humble slave be found pleasing to her new Master, and this paga quench his thirst" she whispered.

Pah`Dak took the goblet, sipped on it, then spoke, "Aye, tis good to be served by such a lovely slave. You honor me with your service, little one."

belwren` blushed and let her hands flutter down to her thighs, palms up. "Thank you, Master. a girl lives to serve." He smiled and drank more, then set it down beside him.

Pah`Dak reached into his pack and pulled out two leather thongs. "Bara, kajira mine," he hissed. belwren` took a breath in suprise and immediately moved, "Yes, Master." She laid down before him, on her belly, crossed her ankles and her wrists behind her back. Pah`Dak tied her hands and ankles, then flipped around and laid his head on her ass. "I am a light sleeper, slave - move and I will awaken."

belwren` whispered, "Yes, Master. a girl will be still like the ground we sleep on." Pah`Dak grunted and closed his eyes, and slept. For a long time belwren` laid there, listening to his quiet breathing, wondering why this Assassin had purchased her, why she was here in the middle of only the Priest-Kings knew, where they were headed, where he had been. So many questions flooded her mind that she started to cry, and realized that she would awaken him with her sobbing, so she fought it and in doing so fell asleep.

At first light she awoke to find her wrists and ankles unbound. She looked and saw him sitting beside her, a briar-pipe clenched in his teeth. She turned and knelt before him, kissing the boots he was wearing.

"Good morning, Master. Did you sleep well?"

Pah`Dak grunted and tossed a branch of ram-berries beside her. "Eat, we leave in 10 ahn."

belwren` nodded and quickly picked of the berries, not even tasting them in her haste to be done. When she had finished, she gathered up the furs and stowed them into the pack, and knelt before him.

"a girl thanks her Master for the meal, and is ready. a girl has very sore feet, Master, and is afraid that Master will be angry if she cannot keep up the pace." belwren` shivered slightly, knowing that she was risking a flogging by complaining, but more terrified at causing him to become angry at her slow pace.

Pah`Dak chuckled, and reached down, a pair of slave sandals, and tapped her on the shoulder. "Put these on, girl. They will protect your feet so we may travel with the wind."

belwren` kissed his hand gratefully and took the sandals from him, eyeing them carefully. She had never worn sandals, and looked up to him, confused. He chuckled and leaned over, took her right foot and slipped the sandal on it, tying it to her ankle. "You tie the other one on, just as firm." belwren` felt the thongs cut into her ankles slightly as she stood up, becoming accustomed to the feel of them.

"Like a flat floor on a girl's feet wherever a girl walks, Master," she said as she stood up. Pah`Dak nodded and lifted his heavy pack, waiting as belwren` lifted hers onto her shoulders. He reached over and snapped a leash onto her collar. belwren` dropped her eyes and the tears flowed, "Oh Master" she cried, "a girl would never run away from you!" The Assassin grunted and headed out of the makeshift camp towards the south with the slave in tow behind him.

The made good time; this section of the forest was not so dense, and they crossed 10 pasangs before the 10th ahn. Beside a quiet creek they took lunch, and belwren` was able to wash her sore feet in the cool waters. She was indeed having difficulties with the sandals, but it was faster that her normal bare feet. After resting 15 ehn to let the meal settle, again they headed south, the terrain starting to slope upwards, slowing them slightly. belwren` kept up with the Assassin, fearing to be left behind in such a strange land.

As the sun set, again they pitched camp. Pah`Dak chose a place under an outcropping of boulders, for he smelled the oncoming rain even before the dark clouds rolled in. They had just started a meal of suls and wild vulo when the heavy rains commenced; lightning and thunderclaps lit and shook the ground. belwren` literally leaped up at the first heavy clap of thunder, causing Pah`Dak to chuckle.

"Frighten easily, do ye, girl?" he asked, watching her as he chewed. More frightened than embarrassed at the display of her fear she nodded briskly, and scooted closer to the Assassin.

"Fear nothing but the Wrath of the Sardar, girl, for you are with me," he told her in a soothing voice. The girl nodded and continued to eat, ever watching out at the spectacle of the weather, and remaining close to Pah`Dak and the fire.

When he had eaten his fill, Pah`Dak leaned back, smoking his briar- pipe and sipping his paga, watching both the slave as she cleaned up and the landscape; heavy rains as this were known to drive all manner of wild creature to seek shelter. After belwren` had cleaned up from dinner and stoked the fires, as he had done the night before, he bound the girl and rested his head on her ass, then drifted off into a light sleep.

belwren` was startled awake by Pah`Dak before sunrise. "Shhhh, move silently and fast" he whispered into her ear as she opened her eyes. Upwind of them was a pack of wild larls, and while the Killer was not afraid of them, he realized that he was outnumbered, and it would be best if they made tracks.

Swiftly they moved, as the Killer had already stowed in the packs what little had not been put away the night before. After trudging 5 or 6 parsangs, they came to a towering mountain. belwren` looked up, seeing the rocks disappear into the clouds, wondering what was to happen. Pah`Dak looked back and forth at the rocks, then struck out to the West along the edge. After a bit they came to an opening in the rock wall. The Assassin wrapped moss around 4 limbs and drenched one in oil, then lit it, and they entered the cave. After 20 ehn, he lit the second, as they climbed steadily up the smooth floor, obviously maintained by someone over the millennium. By the time the last torch was about extinguished, they emerged from the cave into bright sunlight, the sky a deeper blue than belwren had ever seen before, and the air was crisp and clean. Pah`Dak strolled with her to the edge of the rocks, and motioned with one arm at the sight of the mountains, lakes, and forests laid out before them.

"Behold my Home Stone, The Soaring Herlit in the Valley of the Morning Light, in the Mountains of Thentis"

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