Cheap Flights from Boston to Miami from C$ 57 | (BOS - MIA) - KAYAK (2023)

Pros: "Crew was nice and accommodating. Plenty of leg room in regular cabin. Good entertainment options.?"

Pros: "flights on the DCA-BOS route are the 2x2 planes, so no bad seats. Seats are also nice amount of space compared to some airlines."

Cons: "Not really the airline's fault, but there was bad weather on our route so we sat on the plane for 3 hours before we even took off. So for a 1.5 hr flight we were on the plane for 5+ hours."

Cons: "Information on delays, accurate information on where our bags were, offer to help short missed connections"

Cons: "New plane...321? The controls for TV on arm rest need to be moved. When I rested my arm on arm rest, I kept mistakenly change the channel!"

Pros: "The crew was great, I loved free WiFi."

Cons: "I got stuck in a middle seat, and my seat mate to the right wasn’t super courteous. Not the airline’s fault. I also wasn’t a fan of the turbulence, but also no fault of the airline."

Cons: "Arrived two hrs late. Now we're at the gate and they can't open the door. Have to taxie to another gate"

Pros: "I was in 6A, next to crew seat. Our guy was wonderful. Cheery, nice patter but not condesending."

Cons: "Nothing. Flight was on time, warm enough, good seats."


Pros: "JetBlue voluntarily offered a credit for a <5 hr delay (minimum time that it is required). It was 4 hours and they didn’t HAVE to offer a credit but they did. Also they kept us informed throughout the delay, and boarded the redirected plane quickly when it did arrive."

Cons: "Didn’t appreciate the delay of 4 hours particularly during the holidays, but did appreciate how JetBlue stepped up in this situation."

Pros: "Crew was nice. legroom seemed a little better than other domestic flights."

Cons: "You have to pay extra to sit in the exit row and there was no one in the entire row. Isn’t that a safery issue? Also, what really made me mad, instead of printing our boarding passes at the kiosk we went to a person (husbend had questions about Precheck) and she made us buy return tickets right then, on JetBlue. We had not decided on our return and wanted to leave it open. Can she do that? If not, I would like my money back."

Pros: "seat space was great and I was lucky enough to have medium size passenger next to me :-)"

Cons: "Can't really think of anything . . . my expectations were exceeded"

Cons: "The aircraft was old and in need of some work. Nice crew and smooth flight. Just aging equipment."

Pros: "Free open seats"

Cons: "Opd plane. USB ports only in Comfort Plus and above"

Pros: "Preflight announcement on smart bags. Beverage servive god. Snack could be more than 2 cookies."

Cons: "2 flights need more than 2 cookies."

Pros: "Staff was great and service friendly. The flight attendants were truly exceptional."

Pros: "Good flight. Nice staff."

Cons: "Old plane with obviously dated cabin, questionable cleanliness, smaller than average seats. Short flight without beverage service (understandably so)"

Cons: "SeAts too close to each other. The girl next to me kept hitting me with her elbow the whole time."

Cons: "I missed my outbound flight from Chicago to Dallas, and although I called to inform Delta, my return trip was cancelled and i did not find out until the day of my return to Chicago. When I called Delta to figure out what was going on, I was put on hold for two and a half hours. I'm not giving the flight a bad review, since I never got on the plane, but I'm disappointed with the accuracy and care for customers that I've experienced with Delta service. Delta was the first company I've ever flown with when I first started travelling when I was twelve years old, and it is unfortunate that I will probably never book with Delta again."

Pros: "I've done many flights this distance, and just take for granted that there will be entertainment. There wasn't."

Pros: "Unfortunately there were unavoidable delays due to weather but the staff gave regular updates and were very honest. Also, they brought out food and drinks for people bc they knew people wouldn't feel comfortable leaving the gate in case of changes. Staff handled the whole situation very well."

Cons: "Two loud drunks talked loudly about inappropriate topics the entire flight while not wearing masks. Several people were not wearing masks and the crew never even tried to quiet them down or to tell anyone about the mask. I wondered if the crew agreed with what they were saying that’s why they allowed it. I say that because the one time a steward came to speak to them, it was in the most endearing way. The drunks were commenting that they were told there’d be alcohol and the steward said something like “It’ll be back soon. It’s just that things have been difficult. Have you been watching the news?” in the sweetest way. It felt like a wink."

Cons: "Too many travelers on the same flight, but I know its the day before thanksgiving so its the way it is."

Pros: "Crew were exceptional!!! Organizing the passengers and make the arrangements to meet the requirements of social distance. Bravo!!!"

Cons: "Cookies had a very bad taste. Water was perfect!"

Pros: "The crew was respectful and friendly, the seat was comfortable"

Pros: "Left right on time and arrived at early. Relatively efficient boarding. Seats ok."

Cons: "Nice to have inflight entertainment to own devices. Would have been helpful to have emails in advance letting you know what browser/app requirements are! Bathrooms are at a premium on a full flight!"

Pros: "The crew members were extremely helpful. It was a full flight and hard to find space for all the carry-on luggage, but an extremely helpful stewardess did a great job of finding space for my bag. She was attentive and friendly for the beverage service and really made me feel welcome."

Pros: "Crew on board are great."

Cons: "American keeps canceling and changing schedules. They cancelled flight section and took it out of my itinerary. Then took over 3 calls and 2 hours on hold to fix."

Cons: "no individual tv’s. The best was the food, noquis were excellent"

Pros: "The crew were pleasant and attentive. The seat was moderately comfortable. The food was decent and two services on a 5 hour flight was nice."

Cons: "I’m getting so tired of flying American Internationally on old planes without modern norms. What international flight doesn’t have seat back entertainment or better cabin environment systems?!"

Pros: "The crew was great. The plane was. It comfortable. There was no entertainment. Boarding was horrible. The manager was rude and made a snide comment to my husband while we were boarding. Then he yelled at an AA employee in front of all of the passengers boarding and kicked out from behind the desk."

Cons: "Manager on duty could’ve been more tactful and professional."

Pros: "Was on time."

Cons: "This is a budget airline. seats are like boards. Boarding is like a cattle call."

Cons: "3 hours delay made me miss the next flight from MIA - GIG. I had to then spend the entire day at the airport with no accomodations provided. Terrible costumer service."

Pros: "New airplane, clean. Quick boarding."

Cons: "was obligated to check-in at counter instead of online. Carry on check-in is misleading. Single personal item allowed of minuscule size. If website does't have option to add luggage if purchased through third party and have to call customer service to have carry on added. 30 dollars plus 5 dollars because you called in. At airport luggage fees are ridiculous. 45 dollars for a carry-on...."

Pros: "Great flight from Islip to MIA. Looked at another review about water on flights and I was told by the crew that water is FREE!"

Cons: "Seats are small but newly redesigned."

Pros: "Price Comfort You can pack a backpack for a short trip and not pay baggage fees. Haven't had a delay in a long while. No cancelled flights since flying with them Boarding is typically fast and we typically arrive 15-30min early"

Cons: "Crew is hit or miss Price of onboard snacks is ridiculous"

Pros: "Pilots. Stewardesses."

Cons: "The fact the seats dont recline really makes the trip uncomfortable. I suggest you take the red eye so you can just sleep and try and forget about it."

Cons: "There was a lack of communication, our flight was delayed however there was no explanation as to why."

Pros: "The price"

Cons: "The most uncomfortable seats I've ever been in! Especially since it was a red-eye!"

Cons: "Uncomfortable & cramed seats.costly baggage charges.charging for in flight softdrinks and snacks. Will not fly or recommend frontier."

Cons: "Red eye flight so food and entertainment were limited. Comfort was an issue if you were trying to sleep as I was in a middle seat."

Cons: "1 hour delay with minimal explanation, no water for hand washing in bathrooms, tea and coffee not available, not standard weight requirements for checked luggage. These are all significant inconveniences."

Pros: "The crew was good"

Cons: "A coupon for next flight would be nice as apologizing for flight that got delayed 3 hours or at least offer some free coffee or beverages"

Pros: "Flight was only slightly delayed - 30 minutes"

Cons: "$75 for one checked Bag, that is expensive. Seats are very small and do not recline. Overall, yes the tickets are less expensive, but when you add up all the true costs, they are no cheaper than the major airlines"

Cons: "Charges extra for bags over 40lbs not over 50 lbs like most airlines. My bag cost $80 it was more then I paid for the ticket. Also, very small plane. Won’t fly with Spirit again"

Pros: "Easy flight, quick boarding"

Cons: "Uncomfortable seats. My back kills ..:( When landed we had to wait another 40 minutes to get off the plane"

Pros: "Flight departed on schedule and arrived before scheduled. Attendants were courteous and helpful."

Cons: "Very cramped seating. Was OK for short flight, but would be very uncomfortable for longer flights. $3.00 for a drink of water!"

Cons: "Spirit airlines overbooked the flight and did not compensate me when there was no space. Awful service and I can't believe how I was treated. I booked my ticket at the same time as my friends -- they actually made it onto the flight and it was then delayed! The boarding attendant was extremely rude and unhelpful despite my distress at Spirit airlines messing up"

Pros: "Convenient"

Cons: "I was doing the right thing by changing my flight due to the winter storm I didn't like the price of the modification fee which was actually more than my actual original ticket"

Cons: "need more people at the bag check in. Took a long time."

Pros: "Not much leg room. And other than an email was never notified of the delay.. crew was funny and nice."

Cons: "Being cramped. No communication for delay."


What month is the cheapest to fly to Miami? ›

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Miami. Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly from United States is January.

What is the lowest fare airline? ›

Top 10 Cheapest Airlines
RankAirlineCost per Mile
1.Spirit Airlines$0.209
2.Frontier Airlines$0.225
3.Hawaiian Airlines$0.257
4. (T)Allegiant Air$0.322
6 more rows
May 2, 2023

How do I find a budget flight? ›

How to Find Cheap Flights: 8 Travel Tips and Tricks
  1. Check Out Budget Airlines.
  2. Get Flexible.
  3. Try our Everywhere Search.
  4. Know the Best Time to Book.
  5. Buy Smart.
  6. Try and Buy in Bulk!
  7. Set up a Price Alert.
  8. Other Cheap Flight Hacks.
Mar 2, 2019

Why are flights to Miami so expensive right now? ›

The supply of flights has been unable to keep up with the demand to fly. Finally, there's one critical number that will help you understand why flight prices seem to be so high right now: The cost of jet fuel remains pretty high. After labor, fuel is airlines' second-biggest cost.

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