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The dashing protagonist of Bastard!! and a man of many legends. Dark Schneider was a legendary sorcerer, famed for his great power and the fact he was a man that could single handedly take on the world. However, he was eventually defeated by the legendary Dragon Knight, Lars Ul Metalicana, and forced to make his soul go into a deep slumber. Where he would eventually awaken in the body of a young boy and once again wreak havoc across the world. However, unlike in his own lifetime, fate would give him a much bigger role. Making him the savior of the world after being forced to join a holy war.

Dark Schneider would gain the power of the Judas Pain and awaken as the "Adam of Darkness", becoming the "man closest to God". Making him one of the biggest factors in the holy war and forcing him to decide on who to fight for (ironically he doesn't side with Heaven or Hell, but decides to wipe out both sides). He would fight to the very edge of his being in order to defeat the many great adversaries that appeared on both the sides of Heaven and Hell (of course he basically molested every attractive female on both sides that he came across as well).


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Island 7-A (Even after coming back to life at an incredibly weakened state, he was capable of defeating all of his own former generals and while utilizing Halloween, could create an enormous crater roughly the size of a kingdom)| Continental 6-A (Capable of severely wounding Anthrax and even forcing it onto the defensive, in his prime he was also considered roughly equal to Lars, who could easily defeat Dominion class angels comparable to Anthrax)| Cosmic 5-B (Strong enough for Seraph Uriel to see him as roughly equal to himself and also capable of inflicting wounds on Konron)| Transcendent High 4-C to possibly 4-B (Upon turning into his Majin form, he effortlessly defeated Konron and even stopped his strongest attack with one hand)| Skyfather 3-C (The power of the Judas Pain is stated to be able to destroy an entire galaxy, he was also fighting equally with Uriel in his Augeoides form, which was stated to have the power to destroy an entire galaxy)| Skyfather 3-B (Him and Fallen Uriel tore through the gates of Hell, opening to a separate dimension in their clash, their clash also threatened the very existence of Hell; him and Uriel were also constantly rising in power during their fight, at a rate of about 130x a second)| Universal 3-A (while the Hiatus made it so it was never elaborated on, it was heavily implied that Dark Schneider is capable of defeating the likes of Satan and Beelzebub in combat; where the Judas Pain also takes power from the 7 Demon Lord's, which includes Beelzebub; it was stated that opening the Dark Abyss for less than a second required the same amount of light energy as the amount during the creation of the universe, where Uriel and Darsh completely tore the Dark Abyss open).


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Advanced Magecraft, Flight, Forcefield Creation, Acid Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation (can exceed 1,000,000 degrees Celcius with various spells), Ice Manipulation (can reach absolute zero with various spells), Light Manipulation, Hellfire Manipulation (can open the gates of Hell with Halloween in order to fire a blast of Hellfire), Shadow Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (can forcibly cause nuclear fission), Durability Negation (with various abilities, such as destroying atoms and tearing through space and time to attack them), Sleep Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Attack Reflection (Bloodstone creates a space in which all damage dealt to him will be reflected back onto the opponent with the same intensity as when he received them), Summoning, Energy Absorption, Existence Erasure (via Dispel Bound, which destroys on every possible plain of existence, effectively removing an opponent from existence, as it works by attacking the Eternal Atoms), BFR (can send opponents to a different dimension), Astral Projection, Duplication/Cloning (can split himself into miniature versions of himself), Soul Manipulation, Sealing (can seal opponents in a sort of magical prison, that will destroy their soul if they attempt to escape), Resurrection (can resurrect others), Telepathy, Transmutation, Teleportation, Life Creation, Precognition, Mind Reading, Reactive Evolution (stated that Dark Schneider makes and destroys millions of Dispel Bound shields a second, modified to counter an opponents arsenal), Dispel Bound (an invisible Forcefield that cloaks his body, built by layering on top of itself constantly, each layer is capable of resisting various attacks and it can only be withered away if the opponent can destroy it faster than it can regenerate; this Forcefield protects him from things like Insta Kill abilities, Mind Manipulation, Reality Warping, etc.), Black Hole Creation, Attack Negation (can create a miniature black hole that absorbs attacks and sends them to another dimension), Possession (can place a portion of his soul into another body and take it over), Reincarnation (can reincarnate into the body of another individual), Regeneration (Low-Godly, cannot be killed unless his Eternal Atoms are all destroyed at once, where they exist in 3 separate dimension), Immortality (cannot die as long as he still retains his Eternal Atoms), Limiter Removal (in his fight with Uriel he was able to consistently rise in power about 130x a second in order to surpass him, surpassing his limit multiple times), and Purification (capable of purifying Fallen Uriel of his demonic attributes after defeating him, however, Uriel inevitably still died afterwards).


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Destructive Capacity/Attack Potency

Mountain Level (capable of creating a crater roughly the size of a Kingdom after he used Halloween; also capable of defeating all his former generals, including the likes of Kal Su and Arshes Nei)| Continental (Capable of overpowering Anthrax, where it was stated it's fight with the Dragon Knight in the past completely split continents; in his prime he was considered roughly equal to Lars Ul Metalicana, who could easily cut down multiple Anthrax level angels)| Planet Level (was able to wound Konron and is considered roughly on par with Seraph Uriel, who could forcibly tear open the gates of Hell with Gungnir; could also trade blows with Porno Diana for a brief amount of time)| Large Star to Solar System Level (upon entering his Majin form, he easily overpowered Konron and stopped his strongest attack with one hand, which could even stop Leviathan, an attack consistently called equal to that of a supernova)| Galaxy Level (he possesses the Judas Pain, which was stated to have the power to destroy an entire galaxy; also capable of facing Fallen Uriel in his Augeoides form, which was stated to have the power to destroy a Galaxy)| Multi-Galaxy Level (his clash with Uriel threatened to destroy all of Hell and even tore open a hole in the dimension; him and Uriel were also growing in power at a rate of approximately 130x a second; their clash also destroyed the entire Dark Abyss)| Universal (referenced to being a great threat to Satan and Beelzebub, where Beelzebub was even scared of his rapid growth while watching him fight Uriel; the Judas Pain also steals power from the other Demon Lord's, which includes Beelzebub; tore open the Dark Abyss and destroyed a large portion of Hell in his fight with Uriel).


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Uriel and Darsh tearing open Hell

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High Hypersonic+ (even while in his incredibly weakened state, he was capable of easily defeating Garra and Arshes Nei at their full power)| Massively Hypersonic (capable of equally matching Kal Su and even eventually overpowering and defeating him)| FTL (significantly faster than Anthrax, who maintains a defensive barrier that can block FTL attacks, where he was capable of getting around that barrier multiple times; also relatively equal to Lars Ul Metalicana when in his prime, who was able to easily defeat Anthrax level angels)| MFTL+ (Equal to Uriel and the other Seraphs, where Uriel could travel 28,000 light years in 4 years; also capable of keeping pace with Konron)| MFTL+ (far higher than before, when in his Majin form he could easily speed blitz Konron and also trade millions of blows and counters with Fallen Uriel in a second)| Infinite (far higher than in his Majin form, where he was able to trade "infinite attacks and counters in an instant", when facing off with Fallen Uriel).


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Mountain Level (capable of tanking multiple blows from individuals like Kal Su and Arshes Nei, where Kal Su was considered relatively equal to him at the time)| Continental (shrugged off multiple serious attacks from Anthrax, was also considered relatively equal to Lars Ul Metalicana in his prime, where Lars was barely able to defeat him)| Planet Level (tanked multiple blows from Konron and is considered relatively equal to Seraph Uriel, who could withstand an extensive beating from Konron)| Large Star to Solar System Level (shrugged off multiple attacks from Fallen Uriel prior to transforming into his Augeiodes form)| Galaxy Level (even prior to utilizing the Dragon Knight armor, Darsh was capable of withstanding blows from Fallen Uriel in his Augeiodes form)| Multi-Galaxy Level (withstood an exchange of two attacks that threatened to destroy all of Hell, also withstood multiple onslaughts from Uriel, where they both constantly destroyed each other and regenerated millions of times in an instant)| Universal (is classified as a threat to Satan and Beelzebub; he also steals power from the 7 Demon Lord's, which include Beelzebub; him and Uriel destroyed a large portion of Hell and tore open the Dark Abyss in their fight).


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Darsh is a highly intelligent man, being renowned as the greatest sorcerer to ever live. He retains knowledge on magic far exceeding that of any other man, even utilizing extremely high class spells without the need for incantations. As the story progressed, so did Darsh. He evolved his old arsenal in order to counter the demons, after obtaining his Majin form. Being able to counter the Eternal Atoms of the demons and angels with his new arsenal. One of his big draw backs is his extremely perverted nature, tending to focus more on groping attractive women rather than fighting them. This being paired with his incredibly vulgar and non serious demeanor he constantly has, giving this illusion that he's no more than a vulgar idiot. However, along with his vulgar side, he also has an extremely kind side. He empathized with the pain of Uriel after he list his sister, Amrael. He also took in Kal Su and Arshes Nei as children, raising them as his own and eventually allowing them to fight along side him as his generals. He decided to fight for humanity, largely because the angels and demons decided to use Earth as their battleground, not caring for the lives of those that lived on Earth. Even going far enough to denounce the righteousness of the angels and call them out for not caring about the beings they are supposed to be protecting.


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Standard Elemental Magic


Summons a lightning bolt that Darsh strikes at his target.


Summons a cloak of fire that shrouds Darsh (with a temperature of about 20,000 degrees Celsius), he then launches his body at a target and creates a massive explosion.

Guns and Roses

Summons a great wall of fire around the area, can be used to block off an opponent from escaping or to escape from an opponent.

Drash Gun

Manipulates the Earth to crate jagged rocks that protrude from the ground, impaling a target.


Fires balls of fire in multiple directions at the same time, covering an area all around him.

Law of Marshall

Fires a large amount of small fireballs at an opponent, eventually coming together to form one massive fireball.


Summons a large pillar of flame underneath an opponent.

Napalm Death

Creates a large torrent of flames that fires blasts in multiple directions.

Rings of Fire

Summons Salamanders (fire elementals) that attack the opponent.


Manipulates the wind currents so that he can fly at high speeds.


Attacks an opponent with an arc of lightning, directly attacking the motor functions of the brain, making it so the opponent can't control their bodily movements.


Summons the flames of Hell and fires a blast that creates a great explosion.


Creates a giant ball of electricity and fires it at his opponent, elctrocuting them.


Darsh covers his body in a cloak of lightning, when an opponent strikes him, it creates an explosion that boils the blood of the opponent.

Van War

Fires a small series of blasts out in front of him.


One of Dark Schneider's highest level elemental spells, where he creates a field of absolute zero. He then launches it at his opponent, completely collapsing their atomic integrity and turning everything caught in its blast into ash.


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Special Magic

Acid Drinker

Darsh fires a blast of extremely potent at his opponent, rapidly eating through their body and disintegrating their body.


A sort of "binding" ability that works like making a contract with his opponent. One of Darsh's finger nails turns blue and is torn from his hand, it then embeds itself into another individuals body. Placing a sort of "rule" on the other individual, if the other individual attempts to remove it or break the rule, then they're turned into a toad.

Chrome Rose

Dark Schneider takes a certain pose and then fires a large energy beam at his opponent.

Black Sabbath

An exceptionally high level spell, Darsh creates a magic barrier that is completely devoid of matter on the inside. He then transports a large amount of random matter to the inside, forcibly inducing nuclear fission and creating a condensed explosion that exceeds temperatures of 1,000,000 degrees Celsius.

Blind Guardian

Darsh summons a forest of vines covered in needles to swarm and trap his opponents.

Crow Bar

Darsh traps his opponent in a thirteen layered magic barrier that gradually drains them of their power, if they try to escape, it tears apart their soul.


An attack that summons an incredibly powerful explosion of pure magic.

Damned Nation

Darsh distorts space and time, creating a large rupture in space and time. He then throws the rupture at his opponent, ignoring durability.

Dark Angel

Darsh fires a blast of magic from his hand, tearing his opponent apart from the inside out.


By creating a magic circle, he can summon a large stone golem modeled after Metalicana to fight alongside him.

Gran Kene Hill Halford

He traps an opponent inside a multi dimensional magic certain.

Iron Lightning Anthem

Summons a series of magical rockets and fires a barrage of them at their opponents, all aimed at his opponents weak points.

Judas Priest

One of the greatest spells of Dark Schneider and one generally deemed impossible for any single man to master. Darsh fires an enormous blast at his opponents, completely tearing them apart and destroying them at the atomic level.


Summons a three headed Dragon that fires a powerful blast out of all three of its heads and then disappears shortly afterwards.

Rainbow's Mystic Arrow

He calls upon the power of the god, Blackmore, in order to provide him with power. He then manifests a bow and fires arrows of light at his opponent.


Darsh holds out his hand and recites an incantation, he fires a blast of magic energy that goes straight through his opponents body. Almost always killing the target instantly.

Spirit Transfer

When in a near death state, Darsh can transfer a portion of his soul into the body of another individual, allowing him to take refuge within the body and to use them as a host.


He can create illusions so powerful that it makes his opponent think it's reality. Allowing him to do things like trick others into thinking they killed him and whatnot.

Dispel Bound

While not nearly as potent before utilizing the Judas Pain, Darsh constantly layers himself with multiple layers of a defensive barriers. Constantly blocking different forms of attacks such as mind manipulation, elemental attacks, etc.


It's not too useful in combat, as it has next to no combat ability. But it allows him to open any sort of door, be it magical or not.


The heads of fallen Demon gods implanted into the armor of Darsh. He utilizes these to utilize multiple high class spells at the same time, being able to attack and defend with his own magic while they complete incantations for other incredibly high class spells. Allowing him to utilize up to 4 spells at the same time.


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Black Magic


Yet another exceptionally advanced spell. This spell opens up the gates of Hell and draws upon a great inferno, firing an enormous blast of Hellfire at his enemies. This spell originally could only be used during a full moon, but Darsh later learns his way around that weakness.

Led Zeppelin

Darsh traps his enemies inside a magical barrier and opens up a gate to Hell. Allowing evil spirits from Hell into the barrier, where they consume the body and soul into nothing.


He summons a series of invisible blades and launches them at his opponent.


One of the greatest spells of Darsh and his most destructive spell. He fires a massive blast from his hands at his opponent, overwhelming them and overpowering anything thrown at him. This spell is generally utilized in destroying fortresses and kingdoms.


Directly puts digestive enzymes from Hell into the bodies of his opponents, breaking them down and digesting them from the inside out. Leaving his opponents as no more than flesh and a pile of mush.


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Darsh fires Halloween

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Majin Dark Schneider Magic

Majin Form

A form gained by Dark Schneider after he starts using 6 of the 7 Judas Pains that draw power from the 7 Demon Lord's. He amplifies his power by several millions of times and modifies some of his other existing abilities. He also gains the passive ability of absorbing the matter that surrounds him (including spells thrown at him), or reflecting spells thrown at him.

Dark Kain

Cloaking his opponents in a mass of shadows and pure darkness, completely consuming their body and eventually exploding afterwards.

Enhanced Judas Priest

Unlike where he previously just destroyed his opponents on the atomic level, Dark Schneider can now utilize this attack to attack on every plain of existence. Effectively removing any opponent he fights entirely from Cause and Effect.

Dispel Bound

This ability is modified to deal with far more broken abilities. Such as reality warping, mind manipulation, instant win abilities, etc. It works by cloaking himself in regenerating Forcefields that constantly block out different attacks. He has also demonstrated the ability to modify these Forcefields as they get broken down in order to counter his opponents arsenal.

Eternal Atoms

A regenerative ability that makes him extremely difficult to kill. In order to permanently defeat him, one must destroy him on all plains of existence simultaneously.


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Dragon Knight Lucifer Magic

Dragon Knight Lucifer Suit

A massive draconic mech that Darsh has created a pact with. He utilizes this suit to even further enhance his power and even allows him to face off with Demon Lord class Augeoides.


Creates a cursed space around Darsh where any damage he receives is reflected back onto his opponent with the same magnitude as the damage he received.

Exodus + Light Wings + Jawbreaker

Darsh maximizes the amount of force output that Lucifer is capable of and launches himself at his opponent. Creating such a massive amount of force that it tears through dimensions for 1/10 of a second.

Giran Ira

Creates a micro black hole that absorbs any attack thrown at him and sends it to another dimension. He can also utilize this to move through dimensions, but it causes massive space time distortions that completely destroy areas roughly the size of a country.

Loudness All Guns Blazing

The absolute pinnacle of any of Darsh's raw power attacks. He removes the limiters from Lucifer and builds up an enormous amount of power, firing every single elemental spell he has in his arsenal at the same time.


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Adam of Darkness Form

Adam of Darkness

A new form that was never elaborated on, it's heavily implied to far surpass all his other forms, as he is considered the "man closest to God". Also, based off of the fact he possesses both angelic and demonic wings, he appears to have demonic and angelic attributes. It was also mentioned that even Beelzebub would not be able to kill the Adam of Darkness, as another human is needed to do it. He is referenced as an "Anti Christ" of sorts and that even Satan may not be able to kill him.


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