Hexcel Corporation: Leading the Way in Advanced Structural Composites (2023)

Hexcel Corporation is a global leader in the manufacture of advanced structural composites. With a focus on providing high-quality materials and services, Hexcel is committed to making its customers' products stronger, lighter, and better. The company's extensive range of advanced composite products includes honeycomb-cell reinforced structures, resin-coated woven fiber sheets, and other composite materials that offer exceptional strength and lightweight properties. These materials find applications in various industries where weight reduction and strength are critical factors.

Customer Satisfaction: Our Highest Priority

At Hexcel, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations by delivering the highest quality materials and services. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we are always seeking ways to enhance our products and processes. By measuring our performance and fostering a fact-based culture, we drive continuous improvements in all our activities.

Simplicity and Speed: Efficiency in Everything We Do

In all our endeavors, we aim to simplify tasks by identifying what is essential and implementing solutions with efficiency and speed. By streamlining processes and eliminating unnecessary complexities, we enhance productivity and deliver results in a timely manner. Our focus on simplicity and speed enables us to meet the evolving needs of our customers and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Employee Commitment and Pride: The Strength Within Hexcel

Hexcel recognizes that the strength of the company lies in its employees. We understand that our success depends on hiring, developing, and retaining knowledgeable individuals who are committed to teamwork and take pride in their work. To support our employees, we provide an open, creative, and safe workplace. We believe in frequent and honest communication, ensuring that our employees are well-informed and engaged.

Honoring Commitments: Upholding Our Promises

At Hexcel, we value integrity and believe in honoring the commitments we make to our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate. We understand the importance of trust and strive to maintain strong relationships built on reliability and accountability. By upholding our promises, we foster long-term partnerships and contribute to the success of all stakeholders.

History of Hexcel Corporation

Hexcel Corporation has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1948. The company was established by two engineers, Roger Steele and Roscoe Hughes, who aimed to explore the commercial applications of new plastics and construction technologies developed during World War II. Initially operating out of Hughes's basement, the company focused on refining expanded honeycomb, a product with exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

In the early years, Hexcel primarily served the defense industry, providing honeycomb materials for radar domes on military aircraft. The company's lightweight and strong cellular structures made from galvanized fiberglass or aluminum gained recognition for their superior performance in aerospace applications. Hexcel's honeycomb materials were even used in the landing pads of the lunar module that carried the first men to the moon.

Over the years, Hexcel expanded its operations and diversified its product offerings. The company weathered economic recessions and military cutbacks, adapting to changing market conditions. Hexcel's leadership underwent restructuring, and new markets were explored to reduce reliance on the aerospace and defense sectors.

In 1995, Hexcel emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, marking a turning point in its history. The company embarked on a series of strategic acquisitions to strengthen its position in the market. Notably, Hexcel merged with the composites division of Ciba-Geigy, a Swiss chemical and pharmaceuticals giant, which expanded its presence in the aerospace industry and provided access to European markets. These acquisitions allowed Hexcel to diversify its product portfolio and cater to a wider range of industries.

Today, Hexcel Corporation stands as a global leader in advanced structural composites. With a strong focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement, the company remains at the forefront of developing cutting-edge materials that meet the evolving needs of various industries.


Hexcel Corporation's commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, simplicity, and speed sets it apart as a leader in the manufacture of advanced structural composites. The company's rich history, marked by resilience and strategic acquisitions, has enabled it to diversify its product offerings and expand its global presence. With a dedicated workforce and a focus on honoring commitments, Hexcel continues to drive innovation and deliver high-quality materials that make its customers' products stronger, lighter, and better.


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