Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (2023)

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (1)

You don’t have to go across the pond or even out of my state to stay in an honest to goodness manor.

All you have to do is head to an Ohio State Park Lodge in Geauga County.

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History

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Punderson Manor State Park Lodge, once the home to wealthy land owners, has changed appearances since its construction in the early 20th Century. Recently given a freshening up on the inside to enhance the aesthetically-pleasing facade, the manor is home to guest rooms that are decorated and furnished to compliment the English Tudor style, dining is top notch, and activities are plentiful.

The manor’s history is just as rich as the look and feel- and I was instantly drawn in from the get go. Many folks believe that the manor is haunted, but that’s a whole different story that I can’t wait to delve into further. Mr. Locke and I spent the weekend at the Manor House this summer and what we discovered was beauty and luxury all rolled into a state park.

Ready for some Ohio history and luxury lodging? Read on!


Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (2)

In the late 19th Century, a wealthy man named Lemuel Punderson purchased the land that Punderson Manor sits on. He fell in love with it compliments of Crystal Lake, now known as Punderson Lake. He and his wife, Sybal found much pleasure in the land and built a cabin on the property.

After the passing of both Mr. and Mrs. Punderson, the property exchanged hands and a Mr. W.B. Cleveland became the rightful owner. He married a Miss Ocie Coppedge and they built what was known as the “Big House” on the spot where the manor sits today.

The Clevelands used the property for their own means as well as a dog kennel and called it Lakefield Farm and Kennels. He housed birding dogs, as well as goats, buffalo, and elk on the 500 acres.

Around 1925, a Detroit business man named Karl Long contracted the property and an English Tudor-style mansion began to transform the “Big House”.

Told he could only make minor renovations to the structure, Long spent a great deal of money creating the new style anyway. Long defaulted on his mortgage loan in 1929, abandoned the property, and ownership was taken back by the Coppedge/Cleveland Families.

The State of Ohio purchased the rights to the land in 1948 and three years later more renovations were made on the manor- 8 guest rooms and a dining facilities. In 1956, additional renovations were made to add on 26 cottages and more guest rooms.


Fast forward to present day. Punderson Manor State Park Lodge now offers its guests 26 fully furnished solo cabins and 31 guest rooms in the Manor House- my kind of state park lodging!

The updates of the Manor House throughout the years have kept with the luxurious theme and beauty of its details and the plentiful windows allow for gorgeous views of the property and Punderson Lake.


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Punderson Manor has to separate wings, each with a distinct style and feel. Mr. Locke and I stayed in a modern style, two full bed room and loved everything about it. The beds were super comfy and the linens crisp white.

Along with a table and chairs, large working desk, and plenty of great lighting with extra outlets to plug in our e-devices, the second story room had tons of room to move about. Look at all that floor space!

And in every room sits Bucky, the honorary Ohio State Park Lodge mascot. I just had to take him home to The Kid.

Our windows, fashioned in typical English Tudor style, have views of the back grounds and a partial lake view. The manor does have rooms that face the front of the property but my pick is a back side view. What a spot to check out the sunrise that comes straight over the lake in the morning!

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (4)

The bathroom is separated into two areas- with two separate sinks! Talk about a time saver in the mornings. I commandeered the marble vanity area and Mr. Locke put all of his toiletry items on the shelf above the pedestal sink in the actual bathroom.

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (5)

If you’re looking for a room that’s furnished with pieces typical of the era when the manor was built, go for the historical, Estate Room wing. The furnishings are antique reproductions (I never would have guessed!) and the decor so pretty. These are definitely the rooms I want to stay in on my next visit. I had a “Gone with the Wind” vibe in every room we toured.

On a side note, each room in the Estate Wing is suitable for two guests but there are adjoining rooms available that are highly suitable for family getaways.

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (6)
Each room is named and numbered and the in-house order is to benefit all guests with allergies and aversions- non-smoking.And on a SIDE side note, this wing of the manor has more than one report of a supernatural presence. Nick Fischbach, grounds historian and Punderson Haunted History Tours guide, took us through the wing and told us all about the occurrences. Now, I really want to visit again!


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Along with the 31 guest rooms and 26 fully-furnished two-bedroom cabins, Punderson Manor State Park Lodge offers the following amenities and services:

  • A full service dining room (incredible food and service! More about that below)
  • Gift Shop- some of the most affordable takeaways I’ve seen yet
  • Free wifi
  • Free parking
  • Business Center
  • Fully renovated outdoor pool
  • Indoor pool- undergoing renovations as I type but is slated to be completed this fall
  • Cocktail Lounge with the coolest bar tenders I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.
  • Indoor game room
  • Complimentary board game rental
  • Movie rentals

On-Site Fun

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (8)
If you can tear yourself away from the beauty of the manor, there’s plenty of outdoor activities in Punderson State Park:

  • 18 hole Championship golf course
  • A sandy beach on Punderson Lake
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Shuffleboard
  • Children’s playground
  • Birding
  • Fishing
  • Rock climbing
  • 18 hole disk golf course (Mr. Locke is an avid DG’er and said it’s one of the best in Northeast Ohio if not the entire state)
  • Winter outdoor sports and activities
  • Sunday horse-drawn carriage rides when available and weather permitting


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Punderson Manor’s Cherry Dining Room not only offers stunning views of Punderson Lake and the surrounding grounds, but offers guest incredible meal selections compliments of the head chef and in-house pastry chef. Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you don’t need a room reservation to dine in but it is a restaurant truly worthy of a visit when you do.

The dress code is casual but there were many guests who came to dine for special occasions and chose to dress up. Once again, not necessary, but I love finding an excuse to dress up.

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (10)

On the dinner menu are traditional appetizer offerings of charcuterie and Caesar salads, but there’s also more unusual offerings like fried green tomatoes and bbq pork egg rolls.

The main courses are definitely the standouts. I loved the filet topped with a delicious béarnaise sauce, whipped potatoes and fresh green beans. Not in the mood for something so heavy? They’ve got burgers and BLT’s on the menu, too.

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (11)
Punderson Benedicts are what many come to try for breakfast, but I was hankering for a Belgian waffle topped with fresh cream, cherries, and chocolate sauce. Calories don’t count on vacation anyway, right?

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (12)

On the lighter side, fresh fruit and pastries, as well as traditional breakfast meats and eggs, are staples on the breakfast menu.

If you adore scones as much as I do, the chocolate chip scones are so delicious so give them a try.

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge History: Beauty in Geauga County, Ohio - Sand and Snow (13)
Disclosure: I was hosted by Xanterra Parks & Resorts, Inc. and Punderson Manor State Park Lodge to give you fine folks the scoop on what makes the manor and park so incredible for visitors. I was not asked to state a particular point of view and all opinions are my own!


When was Punderson Manor built? ›

The Manor was officially open to the public on November 15, 1956, 27 years after construction began. Punderson Manor Lodge is available for vacation rentals, dining, and business retreats.

How much does it cost to go to Punderson State Park? ›

Admission to Punderson State Park is free. Punderson State Park with its natural lake, resort manor house, family cottages, golf course, and scenic campground, provides myriad recreational opportunities for visitors.

How deep is Punderson State Park lake? ›

Punderson Lake is a natural kettle lake. This 80-acre lake is characterized by its steep “drop-offs,” which form three deep “kettles” or “potholes” within the lake that range from 30 feet to 57 feet. The maximum depth of the lake is 57 feet.

Does Punderson have an indoor pool? ›

There is a beautifully located indoor swimming pool with lots of windows overlooking the lake.

When was the Manor Castle built? ›

Sheffield Manor Lodge, also known as Sheffield Manor or locally as Manor Castle, is a lodge built about 1516 in what then was a large deer park southeast of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, to provide a country retreat and further accommodate George Talbot, the 4th Earl of Shrewsbury, and his large family.

When was the Hueston Woods Lodge built? ›

Hueston Woods Lodge opened July 8, 1967. The lodge came under new management in 2012 and has had some renovations.

What kind of fish are in Punderson Lake? ›

Fish species that are found in Punderson Lake include largemouth bass, bluegill, rainbow trout, black crappie, brown bullhead, and channel catfish.

What animals are in Punderson State Park? ›

Punderson has a persistent population of Bald Eagles which can be observed year round. Ohio's largest rodent, the beaver, can also be spotted around the lake. Great horned owls, white-tailed deer, opossum, and raccoons can be found within the park boundaries.

Is Punderson State Park free? ›

Is there a fee to enter the park? There are no park entrance fees at Punderson State Park.

Can you swim in Punderson Lake? ›

Property Activities. Get out on the lake for boating, fishing, and swimming. Take a hike or tee up at our 18-hole course.

How deep is Big Shell Lake? ›

Shell Lake is a 2513 acre lake located in Washburn County. It has a maximum depth of 36 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from public boat landings.

How deep is Cat lake? ›

The lake centre is deep at 43 metres. The site is maintained by Squamish Nation Witness Society (Uts'am) and is visited frequently by provincial recreation officers, who have jurisdictional authority to enforce all park rules.

How much is it to get in Church Hill pool? ›

Pool Fees
Entry TypeDaily FeePasses
Senior$3$45 (20 swims)
Adults$4$65 (20 swims)
Youth$3$45 (20 swims)
Children (5 years and under)$2
1 more row

What Ohio State parks have a swimming pool? ›

Pools and Splash pads
  • Grand Lake St. Marys offers a splash pad and a separate swimming beach for registered campers.
  • Mohican State Park Campground offers a splash pad and swimming pool for registered campers.
  • Indian Lake has a swimming pool for registered campers.
  • All of the resort lodges have swimming pools.

Does Hocking Hills have pools? ›

Hocking Hills State Park has an outdoor swimming pool open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Though park entrance is free, there is a small fee to use the pool, which is located near the Hocking Hills Dining Lodge.

Who lived at Manor Lodge? ›

Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary was held in the custody of George Talbot for 15 years, 14 of them in Sheffield, often at Manor Lodge. She arrived having been Queen of both France and Scotland. She had married three times and borne a son, James, who would go on to become the first monarch of both England and Scotland.

Who lived in manor houses? ›

WHAT IS ON A MANOR? The people living on the manor were from all “levels” of Feudalism: Peasants, Knights, Lords, and Nobles. There were usually large fields around the Manor used for livestock, crops, and hunting. The only people allowed to hunt in the manor's forests were nobles.

Who lives in manor house? ›

manor house, during the European Middle Ages, the dwelling of the lord of the manor or his residential bailiff and administrative centre of the feudal estate.

Is Hueston Woods a man made lake? ›

The park lies in Oxford Township, Butler County, and Israel Township, Preble County. It has nearly 3,000 acres (1,200 ha), including a man-made lake of 625 acres (253 ha).

What is the history of Hueston Woods? ›

Hueston Woods was designated a state forest, and in 1945, money was appropriated to buy additional land. In 1952, the Oxford Honor Camp was located here, housing honor-status inmates for 12 years. In the summer of 1956, an earthen dam was completed across Four Mile Creek, creating Acton Lake.

Do you have to pay to get into Hueston Woods? ›

Is there an entrance fee to enter the park? There are no park entrance fees to enter Hueston Woods State Park.

What fish are in Potholes State Park? ›

The year-round fishing at Potholes is superb, with abundant yellow perch, crappie, largemouth bass, rainbow trout and walleye. But if you would rather be in the water on a hot, eastern Washington day, water sports abound. Think waterskiing, kayaking and paddleboarding.

What fish are in pickle jar lakes? ›

Pickle Jar Lakes hike summary

The final approach has a short, steep section. Allow 3 – 5 hours to do the hike, depending on how much time you spend at the lake. Dogs are permitted on leash. You'll see lots of people fly fishing as the lakes are stocked with Westslope cutthroat trout.

Are there fish in Abraham lake? ›

How deep is West Branch Lake? ›

The 40-acre Deep Quarry Lake has two fishing piers and a maximum depth of 45 feet; 15-acre Bass Lake's deepest point is 30 feet. Both contain bass, sunfish, channel and flathead catfish, carp, bluegill, and crappie.

How many acres is Punderson State Park? ›

Punderson State Park is a 741-acre (300 ha) public recreation area in Newbury, Ohio.

What wildlife is at Peninsula State Park? ›

Re-introduced to Door County in the early 1990s, turkeys are now a common sight, especially near Nicolet South Campground. Other animals you will find at Peninsula are fox, coyotes, skunks, porcupines, opossum, grouse, chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits.

Why are Ohio state parks free? ›

“Keeping the parks free so that it's an opportunity for absolutely everyone in Ohio to go out and enjoy them is really central to what we do,” Mertz says. Indeed, one of the oldest lessons in Ohio politics is never limit access to state parks. Case in point: the 1974 governor's race.

Do you have to pay for Peninsula State Park? ›

*Daily sticker rate applies to all properties except Devil's Lake, Peninsula and Willow River state parks. There's an additional $5 fee for anyone who fails to pay for admission before using the park, forest, trail or recreation area. If a visitor refuses to buy a sticker/trail pass, a citation can be issued.

Is there a fee for Sand Hollow State Park? ›

The fee for Sand Hollow State Park is $10. You will find Sand Hollow south of Hurricane, and east of St. George. If you come from the I-15, take exit 16 and head east toward Hurricane.

Are you allowed to swim at Buttermilk Falls? ›

The swimming area is in a natural pool which is open from the last weekend of June through Labor day. There is camping, a snack bar, picnic tables, grills, washrooms, fishing and hunting in the Park. Parking available. Buttermilk Falls (Falls Swim Area) is sampled daily from May 18th to September 16th.

Can you swim in the Salt lake's? ›

Recreation in, and around, the lake

The best place to swim or float in the lake is at Antelope Island State Park, where white oolitic sand beaches provide easy access to the lake without the brine flies that are prevalent on other areas of the shoreline. The beach area also has showers to rinse off the salty water.

Can you kayak at Punderson? ›

Marina. The marina is located off the road to the campground and offers canoe, row boat, kayak, and electric motor rentals.

How deep is Big Sand Lake? ›

Big Sand Lake is a 1427 acre lake located in Vilas County. It has a maximum depth of 56 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing.

How deep is Turtle Lake? ›

Turtle Lake is a 141 acre lake located in Walworth County. It has a maximum depth of 30 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing.

How deep is Big Stone Lake? ›

Big Stone Lake is a 607 acre lake located in Oneida County. It has a maximum depth of 57 feet.

How deep is lake Embarrass? ›

How deep is Embarrass Lake? Embarrass Lake is approximately 19 feet (5.8 m) at its deepest point.

How deep is Raccoon Lake? ›

Raccoon Lake has a surface area of 970 acres, a maximum depth of 17 feet, and a mean depth of 3.9 feet. The lake has 16.4 miles of shoreline.

How deep is Dog lake? ›

The lake can vary in depth and at its deepest point is approximately 400 feet.

How much does it cost to get into the Wauseon pool? ›

Daily admission is $3 per person. Season passes will be available for purchase at the pool. An individual season pass is $60 for City of Wauseon residents, with a cost of $75 for those outside the city limits.

How much does it cost to go in the sunken City pool? ›

A one-hour dive costs between $135 and $410, with Deep Dive vowing that it will open to the general public soon.

How much is it to get into the Texas pool? ›

Daily admission for the Texas Pool is $10 per person including children over the age of 2. Members get in free and their guests pay a discounted $5 admission fee.

What is the #1 state park in Ohio? ›

1. Hocking Hills State Park. The vegetation and huge boulders in the gorges and caves is really neat and it's easy to get a couple miles of hiking...

What is the most beautiful state park in Ohio? ›

The outlet also named Hocking Hills one of the five most beautiful state parks in the country through analyzing reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor. Hocking Hills is also among the state parks with the most Instagram posts, ranking third behind Niagara Falls and Valley of Fire. Hocking Hill State Park in Logan, Ohio.

What is the biggest state park in Ohio? ›

Salt Fork State Park is a public recreation area located six miles (9.7 km) north of Lore City in Guernsey County, Ohio. It is the largest state park in Ohio, encompassing 17,229 acres (6,972 ha) of land and 2,952 acres (1,195 ha) of water.

What is the only true cave in Hocking Hills? ›

Rock House is unique in the Hocking Hills' region, as it is the only true cave in the park. It is a tunnel-like corridor situated midway up a 150-foot cliff of Blackhand sandstone.

Whose cave is it at Hocking Hills State Park? ›

The most popular of all the Hocking areas is Old Man's Cave, located on State Route 664.

Why was Hocking Hills closed? ›

Local first responders consulted with ODNR about the decision to close the park, saying they could no longer safely provide rescue if someone were to fall.

Are Colorado state parks free now? ›

Park Passes

All Colorado State Parks have entrance fees. All vehicles are required to have an entrance pass and some parks have walk-in fees.

Are Tennessee state parks free? ›

Tennessee State Parks are open to the public seven days a week, year-round. There is no access fee charged, although there may be fees associated with certain activities.

Are CT state parks free? ›

Anyone in a Connecticut-registered vehicle can park free of charge at all CT State Parks and Forests year-round.

Are Oregon state parks free? ›

Daily parking permits ($5) are available at every day-use park that charges a fee. One-year ($30) and two-year ($50) parking passes are available by phone at (800) 551-6949 with a Visa or MasterCard, from state park offices and from other vendors all over the state.

Is Antelope Island free right now? ›

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Antelope Island State Park? As of June 2022, the Antelope Island entrance fee is $15 per vehicle for up to eight people. Discounts are available to seniors. If you plan to bike or walk your way onto Antelope Island, the fee is $3 per day for cyclists and pedestrians.

Can I show a picture of my National park Pass? ›

There is no digital version of the pass available, it's a physical card that you must present when entering the National Parks. Likewise, photocopies of your physical pass saved on an electronic device WILL NOT be accepted.

Can you conceal carry in TN state parks? ›

Can you carry a concealed firearm in state/national parks, state/national forests and Wildlife Management Areas in Tennessee? Yes, with an enhanced HCP or a concealed carry permit or a concealed carry permit from a state that Tennessee honors.

Can you drink in a TN state park? ›

Except in facilities that are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, the public display of any container of alcoholic beverages and the consumption of alcoholic beverages within state park areas that are open to the general public is prohibited.

How much does it cost to stay in the state park in Tennessee? ›

All 57 state parks in Tennessee are free to enter and enjoy. Some activities at parks may require permits or reservations, but hiking and enjoying the natural environment is always free.

Are beaches free in CT? ›

Summer is the time to enjoy the sun and sand in Connecticut — for an entry fee. At some of the state's beaches, a daily fee or seasonal pass may be required to park in the lot. And some smaller town beaches are restricted to town residents only.

Can you drink at CT state parks? ›

Alcoholic beverages are permitted in many state parks and forests, but not on beaches or boardwalks. Beer in containers larger than 1 liter is prohibited. More information on specific areas that do not allow alcoholic beverages can be found in individual park pages.

Why is it called Sleeping Giant state park? ›

The unique ridge that runs east-west just six miles north of New Haven is known as “Sleeping Giant” for its resemblance (from a distance) to a recumbent person.

What is the difference between golden age passport and senior pass? ›

Plastic Golden Age Passports are good for a lifetime. However, if you want the new Senior Pass, you may purchase one with proof of identification (e.g., driver's license, birth certificate, or similar government-issued document).

Do you need a pass for Rooster Rock? ›

This park requires a Special Use Permit for special events or activities.

Can you sleep in your car in Oregon state parks? ›

Yes. As long as your vehicle remains parked for no more than 12 hours, overnight parking is permitted at all Oregon Rest Areas.

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