Saks Fifth Avenue Corporate Office & Headquarters (2023)

12 East 49th Street-6th Fl. New York NY 10017

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(212) 320-4802

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No response to customer probem

I tried three times to call to file a complaint and get it resolved no one has called back.

(Video) Inside Saks Fifth Avenue Department Store in New York City [4K]
-by Liz Muson

Saks gets Sacked

The Saks store at the Riverside Square malls closed for several reasons. They changed their return policy to 3 months and the saleswomen were ALWAYS rude, mean an inattentive. I used to be a devoted Saks customer and now I go to Bloomingdales instead.

-by Sherri

There is no excuse for having to pay to send a tangible gift card. Furthermore, there are promos for free shipping and/ or free mother's day shipping, BUT not on gift cards. There is no excuse for this lack of customer service. It will be the last time I send a gift card. From now on, I will send a check.

-by kbp

New store in Wauwatosa? WI horrible service when trying to find out information from management team... They don't know freaking anything!!!!!!!!!!! Very sarcastic and unhelpful

-by Britney


I would like to know who is in charge of the Chicago location, myDaughter is an employee and has been working in extreme conditions (almost no heat) at the store and with the extreme weather that has hit Chicago the store is still open. This really doesn't show you care about your employees at all! This place is very disappointing in many ways.

(Video) What Saks was really like —Lessons from an EX-EMPLOYEE (WATCH TO LEARN) #SAKSFIFTHAVE
-by Kris

Terrible customer service!! I bought a bunch of items during their 'spend some get some' promotion. What a scam! When I went to use my card, it had $30 on it as opposed to $475 that I was owed. It took me 10 phone conversations over 10 days to finally get back the money that belonged to me!

-by Dana

incompetent web company

I purchased a pair of sandals for my wife over $300. The shipping was suppose to be free on orders over $150. Since the order was placed over the phone once I received the email confirmation I noticed a $17 shipping charge fee. I call back and the representative is sorry and promise to remove the $17 charge manually(what is that mean?). Meanwhile the shoes are too small for my wife and I return the package , I am using their return label and I am getting charged $9.95 which is fair. However they never credited me for the original $17 shipping fee, I spent over 1 hour in 4 different calls and still no credit. Totally incompetent costumers representatives. All I am thinking: this company is so cheap and trying to rip off people. They even told me in 2 different ocasions that the $17 credit was applied to my credit card???? ...It was not...stop lying to customers.. we are paying for your jobs

-by constantin

I received horrible service from the Atlanta, Ga. location in the Louis Vuitton handbag area! I will never return.

-by Mrs. Williams

Very disappointed with the service at the Palm Beach Gardens Mall. Sales people with attitude and head of store not much better.Palm Beach Store and Boca store much better. Why? Better leadership and training needed at Palm Beach Gardens mall store.Susan Bravo

(Video) NYC March 25, 2021 Pfizer Headquarters
-by Susan Bravo

You've imrpessed us all with that posting!

-by Janesa

hiya! laugh lines... yip, got them too, mmmmmm, steeoimms i mind, steeoimms not, depends on my 'forgiveness' level of the day... anyway, thanks for popping in my side. aaaand, i also just made it to 42, my bean's 12, a hooligan and the only one. twins, shooo, couldn't have been easy!

-by Eliane

Please, help me all I want is an email address or phone number to call for the real corporate headquarters for Ralph lauren. Thank you.

-by Patricia Nicholas

My husband went into the plaza frontenac store in st louis, mo on december 24, 2010 and purchased a gucci cross body bag . it was not the purse i wanted however the sales rep suggested that he get it and i can return it at a later date without any problems.. however due to my schedule it took me a month or so to return it, when i went into the store i purchased a pair of jeans. i advised the sales rep that i also had a return. after i made the purchase. i handed the rep the guci purchase and the GIFT RECEIPT, as well as the ORIGINAL receipt. the sales re inspected the purse and said that it was fine the rcpt had been in my wallet since i rcvd the gift dec 24 2010. when she went to scan the rcpt it wouldnt scan because some of the number had rubbed off..she then called over her manager JULIA HARTMAN...julia asked was i returning the purse to purchase my jeans. I informed her that NO i was not my jeans were already paid for she then proceeded to say she cant return the purse because it was worn. i explained to JULIA that the purse has been in the original packaging and it has NEVER BEEN WORN.after calling security on me, insuinating that i carried the purse and returned it to purchase the jeans that i was trying to buy. after JULIA learned that the jeans were alreasy paid for she then took the purse downstairs to the gm DOUG MOSS and she said that the tags were not attached after i exlplained that the sales rep took them off and put them with the gift rcpt he said well julia said its worn>> i asked to speak with him and was told he was in a meeting after waiting for 2 hours i went back and he was still in a meeting. i left a mssge for him to call me i have yet to receive a call i spoke with 7 different saks reps/managers an no one has acknowledged my issue

(Video) 555 Fifth Avenue - Sublease Office Space w. Furniture
-by marquisha

The number listed above is NOT the correct number for Saks Corporate Headquarters. Call your local store.


I was in the Cincinnati Store a week ago and saw a dress that might work for a wedding I was going to. I asked a salesperson who often helps me, to hold it. A few days later, I decided I wanted the dress and tried to call the salesperson to confirm the size and ask her to charge it. I tried for TWO DAYS about an hour each day to call....NO ANSWER!! On Wednesday, I went to Saks and tried on the dress, decided I needed a different size and asked the salesperson to ship it 2nd day air because I needed it by Friday for a out of town wedding on Saturday. I also told her how frustrated I was because I had tried to call her for two days and would not have to pay the additional shipping charge for 2nd day shipping, if someone had answered the phone on Monday. She suggested I speak to the manager, Kevin Shipley, and ask to have the shipping fee waved. When I went to his office he was on the phone so I left a message with his assistant to have him call me. I never heard from him. In addition, I did not get the dress by Friday or Saturday. On Saturday, I again tried to call the Cincinnati Saks store and after SEVEN calls, I finally talked to someone, explained the situation and she told me Kevin would call me back. Today is Tuesday and I am still waiting for him to call. The dress finally arrived late Monday afternoon, obviously, too late to wear to the wedding. I hope that someone at the Corporate level of Saks Fifth Avenue will read this and ask Kevin Shipley to do a better job of managing the Cincinnati Store. I don't thik it's too much to ask as a customer to expect a department store to answer it's phones and for the manager to follow up with a complaint. Thank you,Karen

-by Karen.....Cincinnati, Ohio

A young woman by the name of Munya who works at the Giorgio Armani counter in the Boston, Ma. store has been so rude to me on 5 separate occasions that I left the store without making the purchases I was after. Finally, yesterday, I was able to find another person to assist me with my purchases.(I went months without the items I needed~) Munya not only turns on her heel and walks away with her back to me when I am in mid-sentence, she immediately runs to the mirror either to pick at something on her face or to just stand in front of the mirror, gazing at her image and fussing with her hair. I mentioned this to the person who actually helped me and she said "I couldn't agree with you more". So, I am not the only person who has noticed Munya's behaviour. In future, I will phone the store to ascertain that Munya is NOT in attendance when I need to purchase Armani cosmetics. Thank you for your kind attention. Yours, Fiona C.A. Cortland

-by Fiona Cortland


Saks Fifth Avenue Corporate Office & Headquarters? ›

Map of New York

Who is the owner of Saks Fifth Avenue? ›

Saks Fifth Avenue

Is Saks Fifth Avenue a Fortune 500 company? ›

Operations during 21st century

In 2001, the company recorded record revenues of $6.6 billion, making it a member of the Fortune 500 and one of the largest operators of department stores in the United States.

Is Saks Fifth and Saks Off Fifth the same? ›

Saks Off 5th, formerly Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, is an American off-price department store chain founded in 1990, and a sister brand to the luxury department store chain Saks Fifth Avenue.

How is Saks Fifth Avenue doing financially? ›

Saks Fifth Avenue has 12,900 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $147,286. Saks Fifth Avenue peak revenue was $1.9B in 2021.

Where is the original Saks Fifth Avenue? ›

Why is Saks Off Fifth so cheap? ›

Typically, off-price stores like Off 5th are able to offer luxury products for less because they are out-of-season or are only available in sizes that do not sell as quickly, said New York University Stern School of Business professor Priya Raghubir.

How many employees does Saks have? ›

In comparison, some of its highest paying competitors, like. Saks Fifth Avenue is an industry leader with 12,900 employees and an annual revenue of $1.9B that is headquartered in New York, NY. To become the world's preeminent luxury ecommerce platform. Is This Your Company?

What is the richest company in the United States 2022? ›

The Top 10
  • 1Walmart.
  • 2Amazon.
  • 3Apple.
  • 4CVS Health.
  • 5UnitedHealth Group.
  • 6Exxon Mobil.
  • 7Berkshire Hathaway.
  • 8Alphabet.

What is the number 1 Fortune 500 company? ›


What is a Fortune 7 company? ›

Fortune 7, Inc. (F7) is a family of professional service organizations established to provide comprehensive solutions in the form of project management, professional engineering, procurement, and other essential support services for large and/or complex projects.

How much does a Saks Fifth style advisor make? ›

The estimated total pay for a Style Advisor at Saks Fifth Avenue is $20 per hour. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated base pay is $16 per hour.

Why is Saks so cheap? ›

According to a Saks spokesperson, only 12% of its OFF 5TH merchandise comes from its namesake Saks Fifth Avenue stores. The remaining 88% of the merchandise is sourced directly from vendors and is likely lower quality, less expensive merchandise.

Is Neiman Marcus higher end than Saks? ›

Neiman Marcus's brand is ranked #567 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Neiman Marcus. Their current market cap is $365.44M. Saks Fifth Avenue's brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Saks Fifth Avenue.
Neiman Marcus vs Saks Fifth Avenue.
1 more row

Who competes with Saks Fifth Avenue? ›

Saks Fifth Avenue competitors include Perry Ellis International, Bergdorf Goodman, Brooks Brothers and Neiman Marcus Group. Saks Fifth Avenue ranks 2nd in Gender Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

What family owns Saks Fifth? ›

Andrew Saks—father of Saks Fifth Avenue cofounder Horace Saks—opens his first store called Saks & Co. in Washington, D.C. He subsequently builds an operation that spreads to other cities and involves silent ownership of other stores.

How much is Saks worth? ›

Saks Fifth Avenue is getting ready to pull the trigger on a potential IPO for its rapidly-growing e-commerce business with a listing pegged to the first half of 2022 valuing the business at about $6 billion, according to sources.

What is the oldest store that is still open? ›

Northville 5 & 10, located at 122 S. Main St. Northville, NY, is the oldest 5 &10 store still operating in the U.S. today. Founded in 1907 by R. G.

What is the oldest department store still in existence? ›

Le Bon Marché was founded in Paris in 1852, making it the world's oldest and longest-running department store.

What is the oldest department store in the world? ›

The Bon Marché in Paris, which began as a small shop in the early 19th century, is widely considered the first department store.

Are there any 5TH Avenue mansions left? ›

991 Fifth Avenue is one of few Gilded Age mansions still intact today. Of the remaining residences is 991 Fifth Avenue, an extraordinary Upper East townhouse that's been meticulously preserved since it was built in 1901, at the tail end of the Gilded Age.

What is New York's most famous department store? ›

Macy's. Quite possibly the most famous department store in New York City (it was the setting of "Miracle on 34th Street" after all), Macy's features nine floors of clothing, kitchenware, and accessories.

Why is Fifth Avenue so popular? ›

Fifth Avenue may be most notable for its shopping district between 49th and 60th streets. World-famous storefronts like Chanel, Tiffany & Company, and Saks Fifth Avenue make this section commonly rank among the most expensive shopping districts on Earth.

What is the difference between Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue? ›

The 5th Avenue space has 10 floors packed with merchandise, two eateries, and several vendors offering different spa services. Neiman Marcus spans a much smaller three floors but offers a full-service salon, three eateries, a grooming station, arcade games, a pop-up florist, and a performance space.

Is Saks a luxury brand? ›

Luxury Fashion & Designer Clothing, Shoes, Handbags & More. Saks Fifth Avenue.

Can you return worn shoes to Saks Fifth Avenue? ›

For all returns, merchandise must be presented in saleable condition; established proof of purchase is required. Returns are only accepted via mail or in a Saks Fifth Avenue store.

How much does a general manager at Saks Fifth Avenue make? ›

Average Saks Fifth Avenue General Manager yearly pay in the United States is approximately $96,000, which is 70% above the national average.

What is it like working at Saks Fifth Avenue? ›

How satisfied are employees working at Saks Fifth Avenue? 50% of Saks Fifth Avenue employees would recommend working there to a friend based on Glassdoor reviews. Employees also rated Saks Fifth Avenue 3.1 out of 5 for work life balance, 2.9 for culture and values and 2.9 for career opportunities.

Who is the manager at Saks Fifth Avenue? ›

Christine Lee - VP General Manager - Saks Fifth Avenue | LinkedIn.

What is the richest company to ever exist? ›

A staggering $8.28 trillion

The most valuable company of all time, however, was the Dutch East India Company (VOC). According to, its worth reached a staggering $8.28 trillion in 1637. reports the same value and gives some more information: “The value of the company […]

Who is the No 1 company in world? ›

This list comprises the world's largest companies by consolidated revenue, according to the Fortune Global 500 2022 rankings. American retail corporation Walmart has been the world's largest company by revenue since 2014.

Who is the richest family in the world? ›

Despite an $11 billion loss in July 2022 after Walmart's earnings fell, the Walton family is still the wealthiest family in the world with a net worth of nearly $200 billion, Insider reports. Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart, and left behind his legacy and wealth to his three children and their families.

What is the 10 biggest company in the world? ›

This can lower or even outweigh potential returns.
  • #1 Walmart Inc. (WMT)
  • #2 China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (SNP)
  • #3 Inc. (AMZN)
  • #4 PetroChina Co. Ltd. (PTR)
  • #5 Apple Inc. (AAPL)
  • #6 CVS Health Corp. (CVS)
  • #7 Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDS. A)
  • #8 Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK. A)

What is the No 1 company in the world as of 2022? ›

Walmart landed at No. 1 for the ninth straight year, trailed by Amazon, which reached its highest ranking ever. Chinese energy giants State Grid, China National Petroleum, and Sinopec rounded out the top five.

What is the #1 company in the US? ›


What is the average salary for a Fortune 500 company? ›

Fortune 500 pays an average salary of $57,126 per year or $27.46 per hour.

What is the largest private company in US? ›


How much is the Saks Fifth employee discount? ›

Employees of Saks Fifth Avenue enjoy access to medical insurance coverage, including vision and dental. The company also offers life insurance, PTO, and drivers assistance. Employees receive a 30% discount on regular-priced items in the store and a 20% discount on sales items.

How much discount do Saks employees get? ›

Beautiful environment and many perks. 30% discounts for regular priced merchandise, 20% off sale.

Do Saks employees get commission? ›

If their sales are there to back it up and there is an open position, try and make the employees happy for a change. You work on commission so if you have a loyal client book or can sell higher priced items, the pay is worth the time.

What's the difference between Saks Fifth and Saks Off Fifth? ›

Saks Off 5TH outlet stores, while not nearly as glamorous as full-priced locations, offer a wide-variety of brand name fashions at deep discounts of up to 70 percent off retail prices!

Does Saks Off Fifth sell used items? ›

The pre-owned merchandise is sold on, with the exception of LXR merchandise being carried in more than 20 Off 5th stores.

When did Saks go out of business? ›

November 4, 2013

What is the most luxury store? ›

House of Bijan is already known as the most expensive store in the world, and, as of last month, it is the most expensive space on Rodeo Drive. LVMH purchased the location for a record price of $19, 405 per square foot. The Los Angeles Business Journal first reported the $122 million purchase.

What store is better than Nordstrom? ›

If you're looking for a store similar to Nordstrom but slightly more affordable, then Macy's, Bloomingdale's, and Revolve are at the top of the list. Macy's specifically has the lowest prices for their items—even their newest arrivals won't break the bank. They also have something for everyone at reasonable prices.

Is Nordstrom considered luxury? ›

Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's are both high-end department stores that sell everything luxury.

Who is P&G's biggest competitor? ›

Major competitors for P&G include Colgate-Palmolive, Church and Dwight, and Unilever. Nearly two-thirds of P&G's revenues are generated from developed markets, while Unilever gets the majority of its revenues from faster-growing emerging markets.

How many employees does Saks Fifth Avenue have? ›

Saks Fifth Avenue is an industry leader with 12,900 employees and an annual revenue of $1.9B that is headquartered in New York, NY. To become the world's preeminent luxury ecommerce platform. Is This Your Company?

What is the stock symbol for Saks Fifth Avenue? ›

Saks Incorporated (SKS)

Is Saks a franchise? ›

We're proud of our heritage and we're proud of how we've evolved our franchising concept.

What is America's oldest grocery store? ›

As America's oldest family-operated grocery store, the Mackinac Island mainstay is steeped in history — with pleasant reminders in the form of family pictures on the walls that stretch back to the 19th century when it was founded by James and Patrick Doud.

What is the oldest grocery store in the world? ›

The Piggly Wiggly store at 79 Jefferson Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, which was supposed to open on 6 September 1916, but didn't welcome customers until 11 September due to last minute construction delays, was the world's first self-service supermarket.

What is the most famous department store in the world? ›

Harrods – London

Arguably the most famous department store in the world, Harrods was founded in 1849 and to this day is a London landmark attracting tourists from across the globe.

What is the oldest retailer still operating in the US? ›

Brooks Brothers is the oldest U.S. retail industry company that is still doing business today. The company was founded only 42 years after the United States itself was born. The first Brooks Brothers store opened April 7, 1818, on Cherry Street in New York City. At the time, the name of the retail clothier was H.

Where is the busiest department store in the world? ›

The big red sign on the Macy's flagship in New York's Herald Square bills itself as the biggest store in the world.

What is the most high end department store? ›

Here are the 30 best high-end department stores in 2022.
  • Barneys, New York.
  • Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm. ...
  • APROPOS, Hamburg. ...
  • Illums Bolighus, Copenhagen. ...
  • De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam. ...
  • YME, Oslo. ...
  • John Lewis Oxford Street, London. John Lewis, London / Rex Features / ...
  • Macy's, New York. Macy's, New York / Shutterstock. ...

How did Saks Fifth Avenue get its name? ›

Saks Fifth Avenue was the brainchild of Horace Saks and Bernard Gimbel, who operated independent retail stores on New York's 34th Street at Herald Square in the early 1900s.

Is Barneys owned by Saks? ›

Authentic Brands Group, which bought the brand and licensed it to Saks in North America, will open its first standalone Barneys at Saks location in Greenwich, Connecticut, on January 25.

Why is Saks called Saks? ›

1867. Andrew Saks—father of Saks Fifth Avenue cofounder Horace Saks—opens his first store called Saks & Co. in Washington, D.C. He subsequently builds an operation that spreads to other cities and involves silent ownership of other stores.

How much do franchise store owners make? ›

The Numbers

When researchers accounted for the inflations caused by the few top franchises, it was established that the average annual income of 51 percent of franchisees is less than 50,000 dollars. The study also found that only 7 percent of franchise owners earn over 250,000 dollars a year.

How much does it cost to open a Tastea franchise? ›

The minimum investment amount required to open a Tastea franchise is $368,300 and can go all the way up to $654,500. Keep in mind, you should also allocate additional funds to live off of while the Tastea business ramps up.

How much do 711 owners make? ›

The estimated total pay for a Franchise Owner at 7-Eleven is $140,208 per year.

What is Fifth Avenue in New York famous for? ›

Fifth Avenue may be most notable for its shopping district between 49th and 60th streets. World-famous storefronts like Chanel, Tiffany & Company, and Saks Fifth Avenue make this section commonly rank among the most expensive shopping districts on Earth.

Are Saks and Bloomingdales the same company? ›

Bloomingdale's is an upscale chain of department stores owned by American multinational corporation Macy's, Inc. This higher end department store competes with Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York, Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom.

Does Barneys still exist? ›

Barneys New York Inc. is an American luxury brand founded in New York City in 1923. It has introduced major designers including Armani, Azzedine Alaïa, Comme des Garçons, Christian Louboutin, and Ermenegildo Zegna to the US market.
Barneys New York.
OwnerAuthentic Brands Group
WebsiteBarneys at Saks
6 more rows

Is Lord and Taylor owned by Saks? ›

It is the oldest department store in the United States, in business since 1826. The brand is owned by Saadia Group which recently debuted a new logo alongside a "Fall Fete" fashion campaign in the fall of 2022, highlighting a modern Lord & Taylor as a digital collective department store.


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