The Best RC Car Brands That Consumers Love - The Toyz (2023)

One of the most common and easiest RC toys to access is the remote control car. As the name goes, remote control cars are adult toy cars that use radio control technology. Like all other RC toys, remote control cars often come in different sizes. The sizes often follow scales like 1:6, 1:8, 1:10, and 1:12. The most common scale of remote control cars is the 1:8 scale. This means that the car is 1/8th the size of an actual car.

You can find top rated RC cars that are cheap and easy to find. These are the types of RC toys that most people buy for children. Since they’re cheap, it’s easier to replace and maintain them, and they have less value. For adult players of remote control toys, the toys they’re after are hobby-grade RC cars. These are the RC vehicles that can cost you between $100 and $800 or more. The typical verdict is that the more you pay for the RC car, the better its quality and durability.

Research Before You Buy

However, as with most things, this isn’t always the truth. Three are times when you don’t get what you pay for, no matter how high. This is why it helps to know which RC car is worth your cash. The top brands in the hobby-grade RC cars market include Traxxas, Mugen, and HPI Racing.

Like cameras and smartphones, each brand is famous for its quality in its remote control cars. For example, Mugen has high-tech RC cars with suspension tech and a front driveshaft.

Are you looking to buy a new RC car in 2021? Are you just entering the hobby, or a seasoned professional looking to upgrade? Whatever your experience, you need to make sure you spend your money on the correct vehicle for your needs.

If you are confused with the myriad of choices on the market, then have no fear. Below, we discuss the best remote control car brands to buy in the coming year.

Making Your Choice

When choosing from the top RC car brands to buy, you first need to know what type of vehicle you are aiming for. This comes down to personal preference and what you will be doing with the vehicle itself. Do you want to take it out for fun or are you hoping to race professionally?

When buying the best RC cars, serious racers look for vehicles that are hobby grade. Hobby-grade vehicles like Traxxas can be upgraded if a part breaks or if you want to improve the performance. Some of the vehicles come ready assembled, while others require building from the ground up.

The first decision you must make comes down to vehicle scale. A vehicle’s scale denotes its size in comparison to its real-life counterpart. If a vehicle is 1/18 size, it means that it is 18 sizes smaller than its real-sized counterpart.

Different Types of Vehicles

Most vehicles fall into two subcategories. These are nitro and electric vehicles. Both have pros and cons that you must consider when making a purchase.

Electric Cars

Electric vehicles run on battery-powered motors. These batteries come from nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium, or lithium polymer. You will get around five to twenty minutes of operation on a fully charged battery, depending upon the brand of car you have.

The benefits of electric vehicles are that they are typically quieter than fuel-powered ones. Some models are even good for use indoors, as well as outside.

Nitro RC Cars

Nitro-powered vehicles get their fuel from nitromethane fuel. They will run longer and faster than electric vehicles. However, they are extremely noisy and if you plan to run them in areas where this may be an issue, opt for an electric model.

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Nitro models are also generally more complex, as they use a small engine. Thus, if you know how to tune a carburetor, you will have the ability to increase the performance power and stop it from overheating. Although anyone can learn this, it is a tough job to get right and inexperienced mechanics may be better getting an electric model.

Finally, nitro versions require some maintenance. As they have fuel inside them, they need cleaning after use. Fuel should never remain in engine pipes and mufflers.

The Big 5 RC Car Brands

1. Arrma

Arrma has some extremely durable models, making it one of the top RC car brands to buy. If you are looking to buy a serious piece of offroad RC and give it some punishment, then this is the brand for you. Their vehicles come in a range of speeds, from slower 25 miles per hour models to powerful 70 miles per hour ones.

RC cars from Arrma have great suspension, so are excellent for taking off flat surfaces. You can really hammer them through a range of obstacles and courses.

Arrma has a range of designs, including trucks, short course cars, buggies, and off-road vehicles. Each of these can come in two types of power systems, the brushed and brushless extreme.

The brushless extreme system provides all-terrain, durable performance. It comes as standard in all of the company’s BLX models. Several versions are available, all based on the size and type of RC cars that you wish to buy.

The brushed systems are the Mega two-wheel-drive version and the Mega 550 four-wheel-drive version. They are great for both seasoned RC racers and the newcomer. They are reliable, waterproof, and surprisingly affordable.

One small criticism often given to Arrma cars is the amount of time battery power takes to charge. Around 45 minutes of charging gives you 15 minutes of driving time. However, with so much power and durability, it is a small price to pay.

2. Axial

Axial machines are built for extreme racing, and may not be for the faint of heart. They can pretty much withstand anything you decide to throw at them, and they will do it with speed and agility. They produce serious RC cars for racers.

Axial was founded in 2005 and quickly became a market leader. In 2018, it was purchased by Horizon Hobby, themselves experts in RC vehicles in everything from planes to boats. This brought them into a wider family, and the knowledge and expertise that came with it made them one of the best remote control car brands.

Axial is the go-to brand for plastic tubing chassis modifications. Many of their models also have waterproof receiver boxes, so no matter what body of water you drive them through, they will stay responsive.

They also have some very big features. Link points, sway bar mounts, and aluminum shocks all add to the excellent suspension in the models.

Designs are based on classic brands of trucks and automobiles. They have replicas of Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet, and a host of other branded vehicles. They also have numerous parts and kits for sale, making any vehicle you purchase easy to build from scratch or even upgrade should you wish.

Axial is regularly found at major events, both local and national. This has earned them numerous awards over their tenure. These have included best-engineered products and most innovative product awards.

3. HB Racing

HB Racing is another brand with its focus firmly on competitive sports. This is both to their advantage and their detriment.

They do not provide complete cars for entry-level racers, but for the more experienced. Everything is customizable, as they are built from the ground up.

Their commitment to competitive racing is unmatched. They have a number of high profile RC racers racing for their own teams. HB is a fixture at local, national, and international events.

4. Losi

In contrast to many of the high-powered, competition-winning brands on the list, Losi is probably the best for entry-level enthusiasts. They have ease of use and great features, along with good pricing and all the controls you need. Cars can be purchased ready to run right out of the box, and easily upgraded should you wish to adapt it or give more power.

If you are starting out, be sure to check out the forum on their website. It can provide some excellent advice to those wanting help. It also has an excellent community of racers.

The models available from Losi are wide and varied. They have everything from low buggies to four-wheel-drive trucks. All of them look extremely cool and have some awesome graphics on the chassis, so you can start off with a car that looks fantastic.

Your first Losi car will be a defining moment. It is a great way to get going, then tool it up until you have a competition-ready vehicle.

5. Traxxas

Traxxas is another brand that, like Losi, gives you some fantastic options straight out of the box. All of them look unbelievable and can be customized. This allows you to start with a great car and tailor it to suit your needs and specifications over time.

In fact, Traxxas has some of the best looking models you will see from an RC car brand. They have standard and monster trucks, which all come in four or two-wheel-drive models. If you want to take your racing off the ground, they also have boats and drones.

If you want to look the part when you are racing, then they also have a great apparel store. You can get kitted out in hoodies and t-shirts as you take on the big boys in the RC racing world.

4 Popular Models for 2021

Here are a few of the Top Rated RC Cars to Buy

1. DEERC 9206E

Make outdoor fun for kids and adults with the DEERC 9206E Remote Control Car. This remote control car is not difficult to use and can provide hours of fun for everyone. The car includes a professional transmitter and a radio remote control to allow the car to be steered and driven anywhere the driver likes.

Keep the remote control car charged at all times without having to worry about going through batteries quickly. The DEERC 9206E remote control car includes rechargeable batteries so you won’t have to constantly buy new batteries. Keep one battery on charge while using another battery on the car to drive and you will have constant power. Kids can continue having fun without having to wait for a battery to recharge.

Steer the car easily using the remote control and you will have controlled throttle. You have the ability to adjust the speed as the car is being driven to make turns easy. There is a steering trim that changes the tires to allow you to turn the car quickly. The remote control allows you to drive this car on a variety of terrains like concrete, gravel roads, and sand on the beach. This is achievable because the front wheels can go in a different direction than the back wheels when driving the car.

Customize the remote control care with car shells. Car shells are made of durable PVC material and give your remote control car not only a new look but better protection when you drive on rugged roads. Liked a red car but want to change it to blue? Simply pop the shell on and you are ready to go. Transparent car shells are also available which provide protection without changing the look of your car. Buy the DEERC 9206E Remote Control Car to keep everyone entertained this summer.

2. Arrma Typhon

Get ready, get set and zoom with this bigger, bolder ARRMA Typhon RC Buggy. It’s fast and rugged enough to bash through any terrain and condition with amazing torque and acceleration. No assembly required – simply install your favorite 4-cell or 6-cell LiPo battery and be ready to run wherever the path leads.

Find the strength and endurance you’re looking for in ARRMA’s chassis and transmission featuring heavy-duty aluminum and steel. The new Spektrum S652 Digital Servo gear is designed to be 5% faster and 32% stronger than the ADS-15M servo.

Face the bumps, twists and turns head-on with sleek black anodized aluminum front and rear shock towers holding oil-filled, adjustable shocks. Aluminum shock caps and protectors offer smooth, consistent damping over asphalt, dirt and grass.

Reach speeds up to 70 mph and run longer with less heat generation, thanks to an updated SMART brushless motor. It gives you high performance and efficiency for intense drives.

Grip the foam steering wheel to maneuver your speed buggy with precision, confidence and comfort. The Spektrum SLT3 radio has a 50% and 75% throttle limited switch that makes steering and reversing easy for beginners until they’re ready for going full speed.

Access your motor effortlessly with ARRMA’s sliding mount and 4-bolt diff removal for little downtime. Rubber shielded bearings mean less maintenance as well. Experience superior range and fast response rate with the 3-channel Spektrum SR315 receiver. The third channel lets you control optional features like lights and winches.

Integrate your SMART telemetry compatible ARRMA Typhon RC Buggy to run it in DMSR mode or with the SPEKTRUM dashboard app. Get real-time updates of motor RPM, ESC temperature and voltage stats on any mobile device.

3. Traxxas Rustler

If you are ready to step up to a hobby grade electric RC racer, the Rustler is for you! This TRAXXAS Rustler off-road RC car features the upgraded Velineon 3S integrated power system that gives you more time driving, increased speed and precision control of your RC racer!

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The body of the Rustler features a clipless attachment design with no pins or clips to lose ever! You can remove and attach the body to the chassis with one hand. Be more aggressive when running at high speeds since the internally reinforced bodywork has rollover protection mounted outside of the bodywork. Less damage!

Long-range TRAXXAS TQi 2.4Hz RC system gives you total control over your RC racer. You have everything you need to get started in the package except the battery and battery charger of your choice. We recommend the TRAXXAS 2857 LiPo Battery and Traxxas 2970 EZ-Peak NiMH/LiPo Fast Charger. Both are in our Must-Have Items section. Package Dimensions for the Rustler are 22.8 x 13.5 x 7.8 inches.

4. Traxxas Bandit

This Hobby grade TRAXXAS high speed off-road RC car gets you to the front of the pack! Check out the new Bandit XL5. The Bandit XL5 is a high speed machine that begs for more. It has a powerful motor that won’t overheat paired with a reinforced transmission means high speed and tons of power!

Mud and water won’t stand a chance since the electronics are waterproof and the transmission is sealed for durability. If you want a fast RC car, the Traxxas Bandit XL5 is the one for you.

Includes radio but needs a battery and charger that can be found in our Must Have section! Traxxas 2926x 7 Cell 3000mAh NiMh Battery and Traxxas 2970 EZ-Peak NiMH/LiPo Fast Charger. Package Dimensions: 19.8 x 10.9 x 8.6 inches

Vehicle Maintenance

Even if you opt for an electric model, a few items will make keeping an RC car much more enjoyable and easy.

Many companies offer tuning screws and smaller wrenches, specifically designed for working on RC vehicles. You may also wish to buy an RC vehicle stand, so you have something to hold your vehicle as you work on it.

Buy What’s Best For You

Once you know the best remote control car brands, you just need to browse the available vehicles and see what is best for you. With so many on offer, you are sure to find one you love. It is just a case of setting a budget and doing some shopping!

If you are looking for great RC cars, The Toyz should be your first stop. We have a wide range of the top RC car brands to buy to suit all your needs. Click here to see our selection, and drive away today with a brand new RC car today.

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