Video Games Article: Vegeta007's Top 20 Games of All Time (2023)

Time to jump on the trend and make my own top 20. Now I've played a fair amount of games and it was pretty difficult to get a solid 20 down but I think I've got what I need.

Before we begin, just gonna give a little honourable mention to ICO and The Shadow of The Colossus who, unfortunately didn't make the list.

Now then, let's begin!

#20-Super Mario World
Starting off the list is a fanfavourite and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna killed for it being this low but who cares. This is a very enjoyable game, even if you're not a fan of Mario. There's no real story other Peach being kidnapped but who cares about story in a Mario game ? The gameplay is pretty offering a number of powers and refining the Mario gameplay that Super Mario 3 set up. I don't have much to say about the game so I'll leave it here. Though I am getting Super Mario Galaxy 2 soon, so I don't Super Mario World will be here for long.

Holy sh!t

#19-Sleeping Dogs
OMG it's GTA clone ignore! I don't see what's up with people, just because it's open world doesn't mean it's a GTA clone. The game is actually a lot better than most GTA games I've played. The game has a lot of mechanics like bullet time, face meter, karate moves and it all works great. Also the main character Shen is pretty likeable unlike most GTA characters, (Not Trevor, Franklin and Tommy though). Also, not the last "clone" on the list.

I don't remember this in GTA

#18-Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
Now I was going to put Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 on here but then I realized, I no longer own it! Now I loved the first part of Naruto, after Shippuden the series kinda went downhill for me and I was no longer the fanboy I used to be. But after an impulse buy I got this and man is this game fun. It's a seriously fun game and the jutsus get pretty awesome, my personal favourite being Sasuke's Kirin. Though I do have a complaint, getting an S rank on the final fight is insanely difficult and I have yet to do that. The fighting is pretty cool too making it on of my favourite 3D fighters but personaly I'm a 2D kinda guy so this falls short.

It's Naruko!

#17-Saints Row 2
Now I'm not gonna say much about this game. It's a 3rd person shooter that's set in an open world that you can do whatever you want in and it's a boat load of fun. Especially when you bring cheats, oh man I've never enjoyed cheats this much since San Andreas. If you have this game do yourself a favour, low gravity cheat plus Pimp finger. You will not regret it. If you don't have this game, go buy it

Ah Infamous, my experience with Sucker Punch and man was it a punch. Sorry for that :P. Anyway the game is very good allowing you to control Cole and his newly found powers. The game has a really great atmosphere, you really feel the gritty, dark hell hole that is Empire City. It's an enjoyable time from start to finish and you should check it out if you haven't already.

Quite electrifying :P

#15-GTA San Andreas
Oh boy this game. This game. Who honestly played this game for the story and totally bleh main character that was CJ ? Not my friends and I that's for sure. I have completed this game before but honestly the only reason to do missions are to unlock new areas after that, San Andreas is your playground. Like I said in Saints Row 2 the cheats in this game are the reason my friends and I played this game so damn much. That makes it my favourite GTA by far but in terms of story and characters, probably one of my least favourite.

The name's J, CJ


#14-Yugioh Capsule Monster Colliseum
If there's any game I would urge you to try on this list, it would be this one. This is my favourite strategy game and it is a damn good time. This game was the first to make me pull an all nighter. When I didn't have a memory card I would spend hours and hours just on this game trying to finish it before I had sleep. It is one of the most addictive and fun games I've ever played. It's Yugioh so it automatically gets like, 10 extra points.

You've activated my trap.....wait

#13-Playstaion Allstars Battle Royal
Now then, time for the smash bros clone that's not really a smash bros clone. Smash fans remember that utter joy you had when you saw Mario beat up a little mouse well that's what I felt when I played this game. This is a Playstion's fan's dream. My dream, of having Ratchet and Jak having a battle finally came true. Those times where I wanted Jak and Ratchet in the same game finally came true. Sony knew how much fans wanted it, Jak and Ratchet are rivals and it is the greatest thing ever. I love this game, it has a bit of a learning curve but it's still fun regardless. Especially with friends. If you're Playstation fan and you don't own this I highly recommend you try it out. Don't go into it expecting a Sony smash bros though or you might not enjoy it

This made the kid inside explode with pure joy

#12-Mortal Komabt (2009)
Now do I really need to say more about this series ? I just need to say FATALITY. There, that's all you need. In all seriousness this is a really good game, the X-ray shots are nothing short of beautiful and he fatalities are back so that's a plus. Also Ps3 owners have Kratos. So that's pretty f**king awesome

#11-Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Ah Sonic, the blue blur that was on top of the world until he pushed himself off with Sonic 06. Sonic 2 is pretty much here due to nostalgia. Not saying it's bad it's a fantastic game but this is the Sonic game I remember having the most fun with and it's also where my character came from, Tails! Who gets an unneeded amount of hate btw

Sanic is ready to go at a moderate speed

#10-Tekken 5
All right, top 10 and here we go with Tekken 5. Tekken 5, up until recently was my favourite fighting game ever. It's the one I had a lot of fun with and one I played as a kid and well into my teens. I had a lot of fun with it with my older cousin who I used to lose to all the time, now we're not so close anymore and because of it, I've pushed this game away a bit. But I still love it a lot and it's still one of my favourites. What's my favourite ? Just wait and see

You have no idea how to play with her

#9-South Park Stick of Truth
Now then, I'm not a huge a RPG gamer. I've only gotten into them recently and it all started with this. This fantastic game that is a blast all the way through. The writing, the gameplay, the presentation even the music is absolutely superb in this game. This game will have you laughing all the way through and if you're a South Park fan definitely get this, even if you're not pick it up. I highly suggest you do and you will not regret it.

Fart struggle, awesome!

#8-DBZ Budokai 3
Now this is a game I can go on about for a long time but I'll keep it short and sweet. My cousin (not the one from Tekken) and I are massive Dragon ball z fans so naturally we will love the games. I've never had a dull moment with this game because we'd always have the greatest time with it. It's a game that's really got to me and I keep it very close to my heart because of that. I really love this game and will forever treasure it.

I don't remember this in the manga

#7-Jak 3
Now Jak and Daxter is a series that has given me mixed signals. I loved Jak 3 as a kid, hated it when I got the chance to play it again but then when I played it a while ago I absolutely loved it. It didn't get it's second place spot back but certainly got back into it's top 10 spot with ease. I was very on and off with series but I do adore it and it's back where it belongs. It's one of my favourite platforming games of all time and my number 7. Absolutely great game

*Insert witty phrase here*

#6-Rayman Origins
This game is just pure fun. If you want something that's nothing but non stop fun and actually offers a challenge then look no further than this. This game benefits from pure creativity which you can see in the levels and the character models and even the bare bone story. The game looks absolutely fantastic and the music and is such a treat. Someone put love and care into this game and just made it absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn't tried it out yet.

Rayman for Smash!

#5-Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
Alright top 5. And we're starting with another former Sony king. Sly Cooper. I don't really have much to say this about game though. It's a fun, stealth platformer but you really need to play it yourself to get a full opinion on it. The game oozes charm with corny jokes that will actually make you smile or laugh in some cases. Though the game is pretty easy. There is an abundance of check points, even in boss fights which aren't really that hard

A ninja musn't wear a bright orange suit

#4-Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland
As you can see I'm not very close with Nintendo but this game is fantastic. It's an old game that has been remade so there's not much on story so it's all on gameplay. The game has so much charm to it as Kirby is the cutest thing ever. I mean have you seen him, I want my own Kirby! Anyway the game is a basic 2D sidescroller with Kirby tearing through levels and devouring and murdering innocent woodland creatures because they're between you and your dreams. Please keep them in your prayers

#3-Canis Canem Edit
Finally, a game that's not a platformer. Now this is easily Rockstars finest work out of the games I've played. Since it's a game based in school there's a lot more emphasis on combat and various tools to cause mischief and the game certainly benefits from it. The entire town of Bullworth is yours to explore but what's interesting is the trouble meter. You're not allowed to do what you want before cops show up. These ones take their job seriously and the only people you can hit without the authority coming in full force is other boys which actually teaches a bit of control. Oh and if you played this game, circle behind a girl. You know what I'm talking about....huehuehuehue

#2-Crash Twinsanity
Ladies and Gentlemen it's second place. Quite literally one of the funniest games I have ever played ever. This game just had me laughing right the way through and it was surprisingly all of the characters. Each one was different and the humour they brought to the table is only matched by Stick of Truth so far. A lot of people think Crash died after the original trilogy but this was the last goo Crash game for me. It was absolutely fantastic and it's number 2 for a reason.

Cortex boarding, you wouldn't understand

#1-Ratchet and Clank 2
And here it is! Number 1, Ratchet and Clank 2. R&C 2 fans are in the series minority,a lot of people prefer 3 or a Crack in Time but this my favourite. The sheer joy I had when i first played this game. The reason I'm such a huge platformer junkie is because of this game. Seriously, this is what made me love the genre and the series as a whole. Ever since I played this Ratchet and Clank has been my favourite series ever and I just love it to pieces. I could go on and on about this game but I'm not going to, partly because it would be impractical and partly because this list has drained me XP

Best pose evar!!!

And there you have it. My top 20 games of all time. I feel that I should take this time to mention that I am currently playing Kingdom Hearts and Ni No Kuni so I'm not sure if those will affect the list but we'll see in due time


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