Yakuza: Like A Dragon Guide To Food Combos (2023)

By Meg Pelliccio

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Ordering specific food combinations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon will earn you some temporary stat boosts, so here's a guide to every combo.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Guide To Food Combos (1)
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When it comes to Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you will find yourself exploring more than one city, though most of the game largely takes place in Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama. As well as exploring the shops and undertaking various sub-stories, you can visit a range of cafes, restaurants, and bars that offer different kinds of food and drinks.

Sharing food with your friends is great for a few reasons, it replenishes your health, gives experience points, can help to raise your Bond Gauge with companions, and can also result in Food Combos.Just below, we've got a list of every Food Combo that can be found across all establishments in the game so you can make the most of eating out and earning those useful buffs.

What Are Food Combos?

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Guide To Food Combos (2)
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When you orderspecific combinations from dining establishments, you can receive various temporary buffs that boost either your attack, defense, evasion, or the money earned when defeating enemies in battle.

Combo buffs from the same establishment can stack, but any new buffs you receive will overwriteFood Combo buffs fromother venues. Additionally, once you discover a Food Combo, it will save in that specific establishment's menu for easy use later on. Larger combos will have a longer-lasting effect than smaller meals.

Isezaki Ijincho

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Guide To Food Combos (3)
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Akaushimaru (Isezaki Road)

  • Beef Bowl (Standard) + Beer (¥850): Attack Boost
  • Beef Bowl (Large) + Beef Bowl (Extra Large) + Miso Soup (¥1,250): Attack Boost

Bar Rodriguez

  • Caesar Salad + Crunchy-fried Chicken Skin + The Malt’s (¥2,030): Defense Boost
  • Chilled Tomatoes + Yakitori Platter + Suntory Old Whisky (¥2,300): Defense Boost
  • Spicy Cucumber Tataki + Shrimp Karaage + Hakushu(¥1,500): Defense Boost

Bee (Eatery)

Note: Mini-game logo on map, not restaurant logo.

  • Tomato and Mozarella Caprese + Bee Garlic Chicken Rice + Creme Brulee Ice Cake (¥1,830): Experience Points Boost
  • Mixed Nuts + Hot Nachos in Meat Sauce + Beer (¥1,670): Experience Points Boost
  • Caesar Salad + Chicken Basket + Fried Pasta (¥1,910): Experience Points Boost

Cafe Brave

  • Blended Coffee + Pain d’Epi + Special Pancakes ( ¥1,470): Defense Boost
  • Sandwich Set + Fresh Milk + Cream Latte( ¥1,660): Defense Boost

Eomeoni’s Vow

  • Bulgogi + Sangchu + Beer (¥1,950):Attack Boost
  • Samyeop-sal + Perilla Leaves + Kyogetsu Green(¥1,980): Attack Boost
  • Dak-galbi + Eomeoni’s Kimchi + Rice (¥1,800): Attack Boost

Gindaco Highball Tavern (Isezaki Road)

  • Absolutely Tasty Takoyaki + The Kaku Highball (¥670): Evasion Boost
  • Spicy Deep-fried Octopus + Cucumber Pot + The Premium Malt’s Draft (¥1,210): Evasion Boost
  • Cheese and Spicy Fish Roe + Welsh Onion Takoyaki + Blood Orange Highball(¥1,200): Evasion Boost

Kappo Katsumi

  • Course du Jour + Sweets du Jour (¥13,000): Experience Points Boost
  • Shokado Bento + Bonito Tataki(¥8,400): Experience Points Boost
  • Matsutake Rice + Seasonal Stewed Dish + Yellowtail Daikon(¥6,880): Experience Points Boost

Le Nouveau hama

  • Tournados Rossimi + Homemade Baguette + Red Wine (¥20,500): MoneyDropped From Enemies Boost
  • Grilled Lobster + Shrimp and Urchin Appetizer (with Caviar) + White Wine(¥21,300): Money Dropped From Enemies Boost
  • Roasted Duck + Lamb Chops with Basic Sauce + Dessert du Jour(¥22,500): Money Dropped From Enemies Boost

Meng Wu

  • Shrimp in Chili Sauce + Mapo Tofu + Shaoxing Wine (¥3,130):Money Dropped From Enemies Boost
  • Sweet and Sour Pork + Kanitama + Beer(¥2,190): Money Dropped From Enemies Boost
  • Stir-fried Greens + Fried Rice + Oolong Tea (¥1,450): Money Dropped From Enemies Boost

Pocket Cafe

  • Special Pancakes + Hot Milk (¥1,180): Defense Boost
  • Strawberry Parfait + Earl Grey Tea(¥1,180): Defense Boost
  • Blended Coffee + Blue Mountain + Mocha (¥1,720): Defense Boost

Sesil Cafe

  • Blue Mountain + Special Shortcake (¥1,300): Defense Boost
  • Blended Coffee + Special Pancakes (¥1,250): Defense Boost
  • Earl Grey Tea + Scone + Hot Milk(¥1,040): Defense Boost

The Harbor Light

  • Spicy Beef Soup + Pickles + The Premium Malt’s (¥2,250): Attack Boost
  • Original Beef Curry + Potato Wedges + Kyogetsu Green (¥2,350): Attack Boost
  • Gyoza + Chikuwa Isobeage + Hakushu (¥1,290): Attack Boost

Wette Kitchen (Isezaki Road)

  • Wette Burger + Tomato Onion Soup + Iced Lemon Tea (¥1,080): Attack Boost
  • Wette Egg Burger + Wette House Coffee + Fresh Milk (¥1,110): Attack Boost

Yoronotaki (Isezaki Road)

  • Sashimi Platter (5 pcs) + Edamame + Draft Beer (Medium) (¥2,100): Experience Points Boost
  • Hand-picked Vinegar Mackerel + Skewer Platter + Bakuhai (Whiskey & Beer)(¥1,330): Experience Points Boost
  • Stir-fried Bean Sprouts + Salted Yakisoba (w/ Sichuan Chili Oil) + Gyokuro Green Tea Shochu(¥1,110): Experience Points Boost

You Tian

Note: Only available from Chapter 12 onwards.

  • Mixed Fried Rice + Mixed Noodles + Almond Jelly(¥2,080): Money Dropped From Enemies Boost
  • Har Gow + Shark Fin Soup + Shrimp in Chilli Sauce (¥6,800): Money Dropped From Enemies Boost
  • Fried Rice + Shumai + Mango Pudding (¥1,450): Money Dropped From Enemies Boost


Yakuza: Like A Dragon Guide To Food Combos (4)
(Video) Yakuza Like a Dragon Infinite Stats Upper Boosts in less than 5 Minutes!

Akaushimaru (Tenkaichi St.)

  • Beef Bowl (Standard) + Beer (¥850): Attack Boost
  • Beef Bowl (Large) + Beef Bowl (Extra Large) + Miso Soup (¥1,250): Attack Boost


  • Yamazaki 12 Years Old + Yamazaki 18 Years Old + Yamazaki 25 Years Old (¥8,600): Attack Boost
  • Hibiki 21 Years Old + Ballantine’s 17 Years Old + Hakushu 18 Years Old(¥4,900): Attack Boost
  • Beefeater + Hakushu + V.O. (¥1,480): Attack Boost

Cafe Alps

  • Blended Coffee + Original Beef Curry + Chocolate Parfait (¥2,790): Defense Boost
  • Blue Mountain + Sandwich Set + Strawberry Parfait(¥2,850): Defense Boost
  • Earl Grey Tea + Napolitan + Special Shortcake(¥1,130): Defense Boost

Earth Angel

  • Kyogetsu Green + Edamame (¥750): Attack Boost
  • The Premium Malt’s Draft + Pasta Sticks(¥800): Attack Boost
  • Yamazaki 18 Years Old + Potato Wedges(¥2,200): Attack Boost

Fuji Soba

  • Hot Soba + Katsudon (¥810): Evasion Boost
  • Chilled Tanuki Soba + Chilled Kitsune Soba(¥820): Evasion Boost
  • Special Fuji Soba + Curry & Rice(¥920): Evasion Boost

Gindaco Highball Tavern Kamurocho

  • Absolutely Tasty Takoyaki + The Kaku Highball (¥670): Evasion Boost
  • Spicy Deep-fried Octopus + Cucumber Pot + The Premium Malt’s Draft (¥1,210): Evasion Boost
  • Cheese and Spicy Fish Roe + Welsh Onion Takoyaki + Blood Orange Highball (¥1,200): Evasion Boost

Gyu-Kaku Kamurocho

  • Harami King + Salted Tongue + Gyu-Kaku Ice Cream (¥1,830): Attack Boost
  • Gyu-Kaku Beef Ribs + Japanese Beef Ribs + Kalbi Rice (¥1,830): Attack Boost
  • Handpicked Beef Course + Luxury Marbled Salted Tongue + Matured Roast Steak (¥3,820): Attack Boost

Ikinari Steak

  • Wild Steak + Wild Hamburg Steak (¥2,450): Attack Boost
  • Rib-eye Steak 300g + Consomme(¥2,250): Attack Boost
  • Tenderloin Steak 200g + Sirloin Steak + Salad(¥3,690): Attack Boost


  • Kalbi + Sirloin + Kimchi Combo (¥3,020): Attack Boost
  • Grade-A Salted Beef Tongue + Tripe BBQ + Grilled Garlic(¥3,960): Attack Boost
  • Grade-A Kalbi + Grade-A Sirloin + Grade-A Harami(¥7,900): Attack Boost

Kyushu No.1 Star

  • Chasha Tonkutsu Ramen + Fried Rice + Gyoza (¥1,810): Experience Points Boost
  • Stewed Pork Tonkotsu Ramen + Kyushu Tonkotsu Ramen + Chashu Rice Bowl(¥2,230): Experience Points Boost

M Side Cafe

  • Blue Mountain + Scone + Pain d’Epi ( ¥1,080): Defense Boost
  • Cream Latte + Strawberry Parfait + Special Pancakes ( ¥1,920): Defense Boost

Ringer Hut

  • Nagasaki Champon + Light Saraudon + Gyoza (5 pcs) (¥1,290): Defense Boost
  • Vegetable Champon + Vegetable Saraudon + Veggie-filled Soup (¥2,190): Defense Boost
  • Nagasaki Saraudon + Extra Beef Mazemen + Half-order Fried Rice(¥1,620): Defense Boost


  • Hakushu + Suntory Old Whisky + Carlsberg ( ¥1,850): Attack Boost
  • Courvoisier X.O. + Ballantine’s 30 Years Old( ¥7,400): Attack Boost
  • The Macallan 30 Years Old + Carlsberg( ¥6,650): Attack Boost

Smile Burger (Nakamichi St.)

  • Teriyaki Smile Burger + Smile Fries + Smile Shake (¥1,130): Attack Boost
  • Tuna Burger + Braised Pork Burger + Smile Salad (¥1,570): Attack Boost
  • Smile Burger + King Smile Burger (¥1,300): Attack Boost

Sushi Gin

  • Kiwami Set + Kiwami Chirashi + Kiwami Seafood Rice Bowl (¥4,800): Evasion Boost
  • Miyabi Set + Tuna Rice Bowl + Lobster Miso Soup(¥2,670): Evasion Boost
  • Nishiki Set + Osuimono(¥1,130): Evasion Boost

Sushi Zanmai

  • Tuna Zanmai + Special Sushi Zanmai (¥6,200): Evasion Boost
  • Special Tuna Bowl + Seafood Chirashi Bowl + Kokoroiki(¥6,600): Evasion Boost

Wild Jackson (Tenkaichi St.)

  • Wild Burger + Wild Fried Chicken + Oolong Tea (¥1,040): Attack Boost
  • Wild Chicken Sandwich + Wild Avocado Burger (¥1,380): Attack Boost


  • Sashimi Platter (5 pcs) + Edamame + Draft Beer (Medium) (¥2,100): Experience Points Boost
  • Handpicked Vinegar Mackerel + Skewer Platter + Bakuhai (Whisky & Beer) (¥1,330): Experience Points Boost
  • Stir-fried Bean Sprouts + Salted Yakisoba (with Sichuan Chili Oil) + Gyokuro Green Tea Shochu (¥1,110): Experience Points Boost


Yakuza: Like A Dragon Guide To Food Combos (5)

Ganko Sushi

  • Sushi Chikuzen + Relaxing Bento + Top-grade Nigirizen(¥6,240): Evasion Boost
  • Sushi Kaiseki Chitose Course "Moon" + Mini Kaiseki Flower(¥10,100): Evasion Boost
  • Kaiseki Nishiki Course +Kamizushi Bento(¥9,380): Evasion Boost

Gyu-Kaku Sotenbori

  • Harami King + Salted Tongue + Gyu-Kaku Ice Cream (¥1,830): Attack Boost
  • Gyu-Kaku Beef Ribs + Japanese Beef Ribs + Kalbi Rice(¥1,830): Attack Boost
  • Handpicked Beef Course + Luxury Marbled Salted Tongue + Matured Roast Steak(¥3,820): Attack Boost

Kani Douraku

  • Crab Sushi Platter +Crab Nabe Course: Yunagi +Crab Kaiseki: Wakatake (¥14,997): Evasion Boost
  • Crab Nabe Course: Shiosai + Crab Kaiseki: Shoro(¥16,000): Evasion Boost
  • Crab Shabu Shabu + Crab Amayaki + Crab Kaiseki: Fugetsu(¥20,380): Evasion Boost

Kinryu Ramen

  • Ramen + Chashu-men (¥1,389):Money Dropped From Enemies Boost

Kushikatsu Daruma

  • Hoganji Set + Original Kushikatsu + Quail (¥2,040): Experience Points Boost
  • Sotenbori Set + Cheese + Shrimp(¥1,760): Experience Points Boost
  • Asparagus + Onion + Lotus Root (¥360): Experience Points Boost

Osaka King

  • Chinese Soba + Original Fried Gyoza + Sesame Dumplings (¥942):Money Dropped From Enemies Boost
  • Tenshinhan + Mixed Fried Rice + Stir-fried Liver and Onion(¥1,501): Money Dropped From Enemies Boost
  • Sichuan Dandan Noodles + Shrimp in Chili Sauce + Mapo Tofu(¥2,020): Money Dropped From Enemies Boost

Smile Burger Sotenbori

  • Teriyaki Smile Burger + Smile Fries + Smile Shake (¥1,130): Attack Boost
  • Tuna Burger + Braised Pork Burger + Smile Salad (¥1,570): Attack Boost
  • Smile Burger + King Smile Burger(¥1,300): Attack Boost

Wild Jackson Sotenbori

  • Wild Burger + Wild Fried Chicken + Oolong Tea (¥1,040): Attack Boost
  • Wild Chicken Sandwich + Wild Avocado Burger(¥1,380): Attack Boost


  • Tecchiri + Tessa + Deep-fried Fugu (¥4,954): Evasion Boost
  • Opulent Tecchiri + The Kotobuki Fugu Kaiseki + Daikoku’s Tecchiri Set(¥18,425): Evasion Boost
  • Ebisu’s Natural Tecchiri Set + Hotei’s Natural Tecchiri Set(¥17,963): Evasion Boost

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How do you trigger the Table Talk Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Table Talks occur when you order specific food items at restaurants in Ijincho that trigger an extended conversation between Kasuga and his friends. They also increase your bonds with the affected party members.

How do you max a Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

And then go back in here. And then buy another five. And then open the menu. Again. And you can

Where is Cafe brave Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Café Brave is an eatery found within Isezaki Ijincho.

Can you romance in yakuza like a dragon? ›

While it may seem surprising, Yakuza: Like a Dragon has six different romance options that you can pursue. Most of these romance options have a reward, but there's also a big bonus that you'll get from dating them all.

Why is Bond locked yakuza like a dragon? ›

Once you have gained enough experience, you will notice a lock on top of the Bond experience bar – this means that the character won't be receiving any more points. In order to unlock it, you'll have to talk to them in Survive Bar, and trigger their substories.

How do you trigger Saeko romance? ›

Girl Of My Dreams. Once you have a maxed out Bond with Saeko and a maxed out Style stat, you will be able to begin a romantic relationship with Saeko. This counts as an intimate relationship for Kasuga towards Playing With Fire.

What level should I fight Kiryu? ›

As a level 57 boss, players should be at least level 54 or higher. At this level, players can have a party of four members and take advantage of having a full party. Let's go over Kiryu's strengths, weaknesses, attack stances, and a great party build to counter him.

What is the fastest way to level up in Like A Dragon? ›

XP boosts can be gained from eating and drinking. At certain restaurants, if you order the correct set menu, you'll gain stat boosts for the next few battles, one such perk includes a boost to your XP multiplier. Another way is by drinking a Kiwami drink.

How do you make 3 million yen Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

The third - and probably most lucrative option - is to advance further in the Business Management simulation minigame. As you climb the ranks, you can earn up to 3 million yen per shareholder meeting making this option the fastest way to rake in some extra cash for this chapter and for the game going forward.

Is Yakuza: Like a Dragon difficult? ›

Yeah it is . It gets spike with a hard fight at chapter 12 but otherwise it is unless you are very unfamiliar with turn based games. The rest of the main story is easy especially if you level up multiple jobs ( but even the main ones are enough ).

Does Yakuza: Like a Dragon start slow? ›

Unfortunately Yakuza: Like A Dragon has a slow start. It takes about five hours before Ichiban is joined by two others permanently and another five after that before the party fills up to four. Even stranger still players cannot change jobs until a few more hours after that.

What does dexterity do in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Agility is your turn order and evasion, Dexterity is your chance to hit and crit.

Where is Hiro in Yakuza? ›

Players will need to wait until chapter 5 to start this questline. Once gaining access to that point in the story, one should head to the Cafe Brave building and head to the third floor. Players will meet Hiro, owner of Part-Time Hero.

How do you call a girl Yakuza 0? ›

You gain access to the telephone club (Teltel Boys Club) in chapter five. The place is on Senryo Avenue on the eastern side of the Kamurocho map. Simply go inside and choose the length of your session to start talking with the girls.

What are the best jobs to have in Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Yakuza: Like a Dragon - The Five ESSENTIAL Jobs to Survive
  • The Breaker. In many RPGs, the main character ends up being the most important member of a party. ...
  • Musician. A healer is always a critical part of any RPG party. ...
  • Enforcer. ...
  • Night Queen. ...
  • Hitman.
8 Mar 2021

What level should I be to beat Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Note that it is recommended to be at least Lv. 75 before attempting this as the tower features very powerful enemies and bosses. Earn enough levels first from the Sotenbori Arena or by hunting Infested Vagabond in Kamurocho Sewer (Dungeon) before taking on the Final Millennium Tower.

What's the best job for Nanba? ›

Best Jobs for Nanba

Nanba will shine as a “black mage” or offensive caster. The Fortuneteller and Host Jobs work great with Nanba's high magic stat. Both the Fortuneteller and Host can apply debuffs to enemies while dealing devastating area of effect damage with their respective Essence skills.

How do you increase bond? ›

7 Tips to Increase Bonding Capacity
  1. Retain Earnings in the Company. ...
  2. Use Personal Cash to Boost Equity. ...
  3. Limit Fixed Asset Purchases. ...
  4. Increase your Bank Line of Credit and/or get a Home Equity Line. ...
  5. SBA Program. ...
  6. Bond Subcontractors. ...
  7. Use Personal Assets to your Advantage. ...
  8. Conclusion.

How do you increase Nanba bonds? ›

To increase her bond level you will have to keep playing the management mini-game and reach each of its milestones. Maxing out her bond level therefore requires beating the management mini-game and becoming the No. 1 company in Yokohama.

How do you get ERI in Yakuza 7? ›

To unlock Eri in Yakuza: Like A Dragon you'll first need to reach the tail end of Chapter 5. During the story you'll bump into her outside of Otohime Land and it'll turn out that she's your way into the business management minigame. And don't worry about missing out on meeting her as it's totally unskippable.

When should I change jobs in Yakuza 7? ›

Players must wait until their trip to Hello Work in Chapter 5 to change a job class. Changing classes is essential to unlocking the best gear in Like a Dragon, so it's best to get to this plotline as soon as possible.

Who is stronger than Kiryu? ›

1/15 Goro Majima

The Mad Dog of Shimano is the strongest Tojo Clan member simply due to his nature of embracing sheer violence and respecting those who are physically strong. Unlike Kiryu, Goro earned his nickname and respect among the Tojo Clan due to his combat ability above all else.

Why is ice weak Kiryu? ›

Kiryu is weak to ice attacks in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. This could be due to either dragons being weak to ice moves(due to their cold blood) or because the core mechanic is referred to as heat, with Kiryu becoming weaker when it 'cools down'.

Is Majima as strong as Kiryu? ›

In this game, having played only this game and having no prior knowledge of all the other games in the series, Majima is stronger than Kiryu by far and away. At the end his feats were much more impressive since he was up against the scariest opponents in the game.

Do you need to grind in Like A Dragon? ›

You don't have to grind. You do however have to do all the side stuff lol (but that doesn't include the part-time hero checklist stuff). So there's a lot of talk about a difficulty spike later in the game that a lot of people have had to go grind for.

When should I start grinding Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

Once you reach Chapter 7, you'll get access to the Yokohama Underground Dungeon. You'll have visited this area earlier in the game, but this time you'll get to go around and grind as much as possible with some tougher enemies.

What level should you be for Chapter 15 Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

The party must be at least level 49 to take on this mission. Go to the following: “Angel” and “New Serena” to progress through the story.

Where is the Survive bar? ›

The Survive Bar (サバイバー, Sabaibā) is a karaoke and snack bar located in Isezaki Ijincho.

What usually comes with Samgyeopsal yakuza like a dragon? ›

Samgyeopsal is often accompanied by, or accompanying (as anju) shots of soju. Somaek, a simple cocktail made by dumping a shot of soju into a glass of beer, is also a popular beverage consumed with samgyeopasal.

Where is sunlight Castle yakuza like a dragon? ›

The Sunlight Castle (陽だまりの城, Hidamari no Shiro) is located in Isezaki Ijincho. It is a retirement home under control of the Ryuto Family and is part of a fraud scheme by its chairman Yamato Totsuka.

How do you get eggs in Yakuza 7? ›

Talk to the chicken NPC in Chinatown No. 1 Holdings to receive the eggs required for the sub quest. Since some of the sub quests require many pieces you need to stockpile on those before taking them.

Is Ijincho real? ›

Isezaki Ijincho (伊勢佐木異人町, Isezaki Ijin-chō) is a district in Yokohama. It is modelled after the real-life Yokohama district of Isezakichō.

How do I bond with Saeko? ›

The easiest way is in battle. For every battle they are present for, a party member will gain +5 Bond level. You can also gain Bond by attending a Cabaret, with more Bond gained depending on how much money you spend on the event. However, this is a boy's only event, so Saeko will not attend.

How did Kashiwagi survive? ›

Kashiwagi survives the shooting, moving to Isezaki Ijincho an unspecified time after and opens Survive Bar. He chose that name as a reminder of having survived that experience. While running his bar, he becomes proficient in cooking and making both bouquets and Chinese medicine.

Do choices matter Yakuza: Like a Dragon? ›

All Drink Link Answers in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

There are no right or wrong answers for each bond level rank up nor are there any time limits. However, you need to select a dialogue choice per instance if you're aiming to level up a personality stat for a certain job class.

What is Sal Chi Sal? ›

Beef chuck flap tail (salchi sal)

Is Korean pork belly different? ›

I usually explain to such guests that Korean pork is much different from pork in other countries. The taste, the marbling, the smell, and texture of the meat are all quite different. Plus, the thick cuts of pork belly are neither salt cured nor seasoned.

How many gold safes are there? ›

The gold safes, on the other hand, can only be found outside the main story and can therefore be opened at any time. There are a total of 21 gold safes in the cities of Ijincho, Sotenbori and Kamurocho.

How many gold keys do I need in yakuza like a dragon? ›

If you are talking about the city safes only, then 24 between the three cities. Yokohama has 8, Sotenbori has 5, and Kamurocho has 11. The gold safes in the dungeons (sewers) reset after exiting and re-entering, so the number could be endless.

What is honk honk Yakuza? ›

Honk-Honk is a feature in Yakuza Like a Dragon where you find people that can randomly spawn in 5 specific locations, where when found you can then pay them money for replenishing your health and increasing some of your Personality stats.

Where can I buy quickness lemon? ›

Some drinks like the Quickness lemon, Guardian Water, and Muscle Soda can only be found from a certain vending machine. The Quickness Lemon shows up on the machines on the top left and middle of the map, the Guardian Water appears near the Quickness Lemon machines, and some are on the top right.

Where can I find takoyaki yakuza like a dragon? ›

Buy a Takoyaki with Large Octopus, Master's Takoyaki, Renowned Akashiyaki. All can be found at Kukuru in Sotenbori. Find a Sengoku Coffee and a Kiwami Drink.

Where are the silver bugs in Yakuza 7? ›

Hamakita Park is the best place for bug catching, as there's picking spots throughout all of the grasslands and on trees there. You can even set yourself in a specific area and just run in circles to see them spawn in real time once you mark some distance.


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